How to cook up a baby-friendly Christmas dinner

by Mother & Baby |

You may have started the weaning process or have a mini foodie on your hands. But wherever your baby is on the feeding journey, just how do you serve them at Christmas?

We’ve pulled together the best tips so your baby can join in with minimal fuss for you.

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1) Blankets are for snuggles only

Of course you want your baby to tuck in and enjoy Christmas dinner, but be careful about which elements you choose to introduce her to at this stage.
Yes, she might enjoy the pigs in blankets (really, who doesn’t?), but a couple of treats like these will use up most of her salt allowance for the day (babies and toddlers shouldn’t have more than 1g salt a day) so go easy!
If you really want her to join in, add some herbs to low fat pork mince and squeeze into little sausages and fry off in a little olive oil. She’ll never know the difference!

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