Weaning ideas for Christmas: My first turkey dinner!

by Annabel Karmel |

Preparation Time

15 mins


6 portions


  • 250g of roasted vegetables from your Christmas dinner e.g squash, parsnips and carrots, diced

  • 6 tbsp milk

  • 250ml unsalted chicken stock, or water

  • ½ tsp fresh thyme, chopped

  • 20g frozen peas

  • 60g cooked turkey, diced

  • 1 tbsp Parmesan cheese, grated

1. Put half of the roasted vegetables into a bowl. Add the milk and blend until smooth.

2. Spoon into a saucepan, add the water or stock and stir until smooth.

3. Put the remaining vegetables onto a board. Roughly chop into small pieces.  Add the vegetables, peas, turkey and thyme to the pan.

4. Stir over the heat until the peas are cooked. Stir in the cheese.

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