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by Hannah James |

Rochelle Humes is the epitome of a superhero mum. The This Morning presenter juggles being a business owner, wife, and mum of three gorgeous children flawlessly. Now she has added another string to her bow as she launches a chic children’s weaning collection.

My Little Coco first gained popularity with parents through its curly hair range and has subsequently released a whole host of mother and baby skin and hair products including a curling custard, bump mask and pillow spray – to name a few.

Since the launch just over two years ago, we have been obsessed with the natural sweet scents of a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free range.

Rochelle has now branched out and has created a brand-new range that promises to make mealtimes that little bit easier. From practical essentials like spoons and bowls to a beautiful feeding chair and bibs. We know how difficult it can be to find meal time accessories that aren't garish or impractical but Rochelle Humes' weaning collection combines elegance with practicality and we are obsessed.

Rochelle explains: "Nothing brings me more happiness than watching my kids enjoy their food, but the weaning journey can be so daunting for many of us, with so many questions about the right or wrong way to do things. I wanted to make life a little simpler for parents by designing a range of fuss-free weaning essentials that will make mealtimes a joy."

Rochelle Humes Weaning Collection:

We absolutely love the nude and brown chic weaning essentials. Here's our favourite products.

My Little Coco My First Weaning Set


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This is the perfect introductory set to start your little one on their weaning journey. In this set you will find a trio divider plate, a flat dish, two spoons and one no-fuss bib. We love the sophisticated and stylish design of this set, showing that children's cutlery can be cute too.

The My Little Coco The No Fuss Bib

My Little Coco The No Fuss Food Bib

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We love this bib because it is so easy to clean. The Waterproof cape protects your tots’ clothes from food, paint, and everything in between. One quick wipe and its ready for another use.

My Little Coco The Everything Bib


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This lightweight cape is great because it can be used for multiple activities from eating to painting. The waterproof material protects your child's clothes and cuts down on your endless mountains of washing. It is wipeable as well as quick drying. It's a must have for children of messy tots.

My Little Coco Mini Mealtime

My Little Coco Mini Mealtime

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This smaller meal time set is perfect for updating your child's cutlery cupboard. This includes a trio divider plate perfect for sectioning the meat from the veg, a beautiful curved bowl and a flat dish.

My Little Coco The Dribble Catcher


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There is nothing worse than when your gummy tot's t-shirt is soaked through in saliva. The super absorbent bandana bibs is perfect for soaking up drool and dribble and protecting there clothes so they can look good all day long.

My Little Coco The Stay Dry Bib

My Little Coco The Stay Dry Bib

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Perfect for enthusiastic eaters and drinker, this bib is easy to pop into your changing bag and whip out before meal times.

My Little Coco My Little Everything Chair

My-Little Coco-The-No-Fuss-Food-Bib

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We love this multi-purpose chair because it solves so many of our day-to-day issues. It can be used for mealtimes, playdays and on the go. It is easily strapped to any standard chair so you can take it out for dinner dates. It a chic updated version of the boring basic highchair.

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