What is weaning?

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The introduction of solid foods to your baby's diet is known as weaning. The weaning journey usually begins when your baby reaches the 6 month mark and solid foods, such as vegetables and fruit are incorporated into their diet along with their usual breast milk or formula feeds.

Knowing where to start on your baby's weaning journey can be a little confusing for us parents, so we've put together a simple guide to help you navigate your way through weaning, from baby-led weaning to recipe ideas.

A beginner's guide to weaning

From the signs your baby is ready for solid foods to the different ways to wean, our beginner's guide will help you through the process to find what works best for your and your baby.

Baby-led weaning: recipes, tips and ideas

Could baby-led weaning be the best method of weaning for you and your baby? Find out more about how to let your baby feed themselves solid foods with their own hands rather than with a spoon.

The best weaning books to get you through the weaning journey

Looking for some more help in the weaning department? There are loads of books that have been written on the topic, from recipe inspiration to expert advice, we've rounded up our favourites here.

Weaning recipes

In need of some ideas and inspiration? We've got so many recipes for you to have a go at that we think your little one will love!

Best baby weaning set

Sometimes, the equipment and tools you use to wean your baby can really make a difference when it comes to easing the transition to solids. We've rounded up our favourite baby weaning sets plus the best weaning products according to our mum testers for the Mother&Baby awards.

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