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25 DIY Fairy Garden ideas for kids

You never grow out of your imagination, and building a fairy garden has universal appeal for girls and boys, young and old. There's a big community of grown up fairy gardeners online, but for an extra special project, get creative with your kids by making your own fairy garden with bits and bobs from around the house.

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Here are 25 magical ideas for creating your own DIY fairy garden for any fairies passing through. 

Use a watering can as a house

Carefully cut in holes for windows and doors and turn upside down to create a humble abode for your fairies.

Find an interesting log to carve into

Crafty mums can use their whittling skills to carve a house or village into the side of gnarled old log.

Use flowerpots of different heights and connect them with ‘bridges’

You can create a whole fairy town by clustering some pots together and using stick bridges to connect them.

Add shiny stones and marbles for sparkle

You can pick these up in most garden or toy shops.

Decorate the base of a tree trunk for a ready-made fairy home

Use wood glue to create an easy peasy front door.

Use old crockery like teapots and teacups

No need to throw old cracked crockery - the more characterful, the better

Make a fairy treehouse

Instead of using a flower pot for your garden, aim higher and build your fairy house into a sturdy bush or tree.

Cheat and buy some fairy furniture online

There's loads of fairy accessories you can buy online, from furniture to houses.

Build an indoor fairy garden with a terrarium and succulents

No outside space? No problem. Add some fairy magic to a large terrarium and use succulents for a low maintenence indoor garden.

Use ice lolly sticks and glitter for your fairy construction

Get super arts n' crafty by gluing together old ice lolly sticks to build everything from houses to benches to front doors.

Create a replica of your own home

Flaunt your architctural prowess by basing your fairy house on your own home.

Let your kids pick their own flowers to plant in the fairy garden

No fairy garden is complete without flowers, so let your little ones decided which they'd like to include. 

Add a small set of battery powered fairy lights

Add extra magic with a small set of these which you can bring inside overnight or in the rain.

Make a ‘water feature’ with bright blue gravel

Coloured gravel is super cheap and readily available on Amazon and makes for great ponds and rivers. 

Make your garden multi-functional by adding a bird feeder

Encourage wildlife in your garden by incorperating a little seed dispenser into your fairy garden design.

Build your fairy village in a wheelbarrow – you can wheel it indoors when the weather turns

Why just stick to a flower pot? Plant your garden in a wheelbarrow or a bird bath for something a little different.

Use doll furniture – Sylvanian Families and Barbie furniture is the perfect size for fairies

Old toy furniture can be a cheaper alternative to purpose built fairy furniture.

Decorate a plastic pot with interesting stones from your garden

Avoid ruining expensive terracotta pots by gluing pebbles and stones onto the outside of a basic plastic planter

Don’t forget the wildlife! – add ceramic lady birds and hedgehogs for your fairies to make friends with

You can buy or make little bugs and animals to populate your garden before the fairies arrive.

Make a themed fairy garden

Create a beach of campervan scene instead of a traditional fairy garden

Create miniature fairy tabled using brightly coloured buttons

Simply collect some buttones and make them into tables by stacking and gluing them on top of one another.

Use seashells instead of stones to decorate your fairy garden

If you've got a collection of seashells from holidays past, give them a home pride of place in your fairy garden by using them as roofing or decoration.

Use wooden clothes pegs to keep your fairy trees upright

Simply grip the stem of your fairy tree and then bury the peg in the soil to stop a fairy forest being blown over.

Make a fairy ladder using small twigs and string, and hang it from the lip of your flower pot

Fairy gardens should be accessible for all fairies.

Create a teeny-tiny Welcome sign, so fairies know they are welcome in your garden

gnome with welcome sign