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The 17 things that happen to every mum at Halloween

It's a time of year your children look forward to for months on end. You imagine how your Halloween prep might go; how cute your kids look impressed up in their spooky outfits; how you all laugh as you make pumpkin lanterns together. Sadly, the reality is less idyllic, more expensive and with fewer laughs.

Happy Halloween!

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1) Black magic

Apparently dressing your child as the witch from The Room on the Broom (again) has been vetoed by your darling child and you need to think up a new costume. 
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2) Dress code

Spend £25 on a wizard/cat/witch outfit. You may have spent every Halloween in homemade creations made from black tights and a bin bag but these days, your little treasures demand a higher standard of costume.
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3) Baby pumpkin

Dressing your baby up as a pumpkin is basically the law. Do it while you can. No child over the age of 1 will ever allow this to happen again.
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4) Kids and grown ups love it so

You will eat more Haribo than you should to protect your darlings agaisnt the evils of sugar (at least that's your story)
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5) Bare your fangs

You may have invested in a vampire outfit but standby for a meltdown when your precious litte one decides that, actually, she'd rather be a witch...
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6) Going green

It will take weeks to get the green face paint off your child's skin and cobweb effects out of their hair.
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7) Knife skills

Watch out for severing an atery as you carve a pumpkin. This will also take far longer than you anticipated, and all children will lose interest and go back to their toys while you persevere.

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8) Shopping maths 

You will either buy too many trick or treat goodies or not enough. There is no middle ground. 
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9) Wine required 

You contemplate joining the children in their Halloween face painting and fancy dress. But you are sober.
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10) House of horrors

Everyone is excited to festoon your front door with webs and skulls. But on November 1st, you are de-spooking your house alone.
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11) Doorbell of doom

By 7pm on 31st October you will consider disconnecting your doorbell.
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12) Easily scared 

You have been physically frightened by a very convincing eight-year-old mummy.
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13) Lollipop lady

You stealthily remove all the sweets from the kids' trick-or-treat goodies that may obstruct their airways. 
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14) Witches brew 

You planned to make a delicious pumpkin soup from the innards of your carved pumpkin. One week later and you bin a tub of strange, seedy slime.
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15) Ghost stories 

Standby for nightmares about ghosts. And questions about ghosts.
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16) Haunting cries

There will be tears over lost fangs, crooked witches' hats and broken cats' ears.
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17) It's over

And now the excitement for firework night builds...

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