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15 hilarious reasons summer is way different now you're a mum

The clocks have changed – and so has the meaning of summer for you!

Here’s the reality of life with little ones in British Summer Time…

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1) Summer nights

While your child-free pals are necking rosé in a beer garden after work, you are all about the blackout blinds and trying to enforce a 6.30pm bedtime routine. Then you’ll be opening the rosé.
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2) Hats off

You buy what you think is an adequate supply of sun hats. Wrong! You’ll lose said hats on an almost daily basis.
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3) Red alert!

Terrified of your little one burning in the sun, you’re smothering her in factor 50. Only later do you realise – ouch – you forgot to apply your own sunscreen.
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4) Travelling not-so-light

Remember slinging a pair of sunglasses in your bag then leaving the house? Not anymore! Drinks, non-melting snacks, sunhats, spare sunhats, a litre of sun cream, baby wipes… Your casual summer bag looks more like a suitcase.
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5) Early risers 

You are in the park or on the beach by 9am. Home again by 11 and ready for nap time!
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6) Rain dance

Some days you find yourself wishing for a downpour. Anything to prevent the too-hot child’s tantrums.
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7) Ice, ice baby

You have developed a Solero habit. It’s not cheap.
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8) Shady behaviour

No sunbathing with your nose in the latest chick lit hit for you: instead you’ll play hunt the shade spot. And you won’t get to sit down.
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9) Barbecue stress

While they were once an excuse to binge drink, now barbecues mean you spend the whole afternoon on health and safety duty; ensuring your little one doesn’t get too close to the grill; trip on a stray beer bottle or skewer herself on a kebab.
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10) Keep it clean

These days, your inner smug-o-meter rises, along with scorching temperatures, as you peg out three loads of laundry on your washing line.
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11) Home or away

When you think about the amount of organisation and packing a summer holiday as a family will entail, you see the advantages of a staycation.
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12) Hot wheels

You once made the most of summertime car journeys, cranking up the air conditioning and enjoying some summer tunes. Nowadays, you sweat for Britain trying to tether a hot and bothered toddler into her car seat; repeatedly fix sunshades as they inevitably fall off the windows and sing nursery rhymes over and over again.
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13) Al fresco

‘Bubbles in the garden’ have taken on a whole new meaning: no chilled prosecco in sight. Instead, you’re flinging around a wand hoping chasing bubbles will tire your little one out.
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14) Luxe for less

Swim up bars and cocktails have been replaced with paddling pools to dip your feet in whilst sucking on an ice pop.
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15) Fast fashion

You used to be all about summer fashions. Now, your hot weather wardrobe consists of: shorts, flip flops and vest tops. You tried wearing wedges and a maxi dress but couldn’t keep up with your flight risk toddler.


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