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15 life hacks mums swear by

Mum hacks

We're sure you'll agree, being a mum is a full-time job, and fitting everything into your day can feel impossible. Relax - help is here! Here's a few tried and tested shortcuts which will leave you more freedom to have fun with the kids and less time feeling frazzled...

Your freezer is your best friend: Keep pre-chopped onions in the freezer, ready to chuck into recipes at a moment's notice. The same goes for frozen spinach. If you’ve got the time, make baby meals in bulk and freeze them in easy to grab portions.

Keep an on-the go list: Download your preferred supermarket's app on to your phone to keep an on-the-go shopping list. You can advance purchase ‘anytime’ delivery slots too so your groceries arrive when you want them. No more tantrums on isle four!

Get your gadgets on mum-time: The delay setting on your washing machine and dish washer is your best friend. Get laundry and dishes on the go before you even get out of bed in the morning!

Get practical: Brush your little ones’ teeth in the bath, it save time and a foamy mess over their clean pyjamas.

Invest in the one subscription you couldn’t live without: Invest in a subscription to Amazon Prime for all those last minute forgotten birthday presents and for the days when you really can’t face venturing out. With next day delivery and free returns, what more could you ask for?

Get prepared: Pre-pack a bag of nappies, wipes, spare clothes, a drink and a snack and leave it by the front door so the essentials are always ready when you are.

Get practical with your cleaning time: When your kids are big enough to sit unaided in the bath, use their splash time to quickly clean the sink and loo. The same goes for the kitchen, as soon as they can feed themselves (and when everyone eating has finished weaning), use dinnertime to quickly load the dishwasher or hoover the floor.

Be armed with on the go distractions: Keep a couple of bottles of kids’ bubble mix handy at home and in the car: chasing bubbles can ease boredom and wear children out! The same goes for balloons – light and easy to fit in your handbag, but endless hours of fun for a three year old.

Get washing savvy: Feed weaning babies breakfast in their pyjamas to cut down on washing ANOTHER outfit.

Make chores into games: Turn chores into a race to cut time down when you are in a hurry: ‘Quick! Who can find their shoes first?’

Get creative: Rotate toys and books to save your sanity and give your little one a ‘new’ and inexpensive distraction.

Load up the car: Keep a couple of old towels in the car for unexpected adventures in puddles and any sickness surprises.

Avoid traffic-tantrums: Whilst we're talking about travelling, have a stash of books and toys hidden in the car to save traffic-related tantrums. The same goes for snacks, keep a couple of boxes of raisins in the glove box to avoid a hungry toddler in traffic.

Save those tea towels: Old tea towels get a second life when your toddler goes through the ‘no! I won’t wear a bib!’ phase. It’ll help reduce your laundry load too.

Channel your inner Scrooge: when the children are inundated with piles of Christmas or birthday gifts, squirrel a few away then bring them out on rainy afternoons to buy yourself some peace.

Have you got any mum-hacks to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!