A guide to baby modelling – How to get your toddler booked for super-cute modelling gigs

by Joshua Calton-Weekes |

You know your baby is gorgeous - but is that enough to get him a modelling gig? From what it takes to the cost of getting involved, get clued up on the baby modelling industry.

Since he was born you’ve been inundated with compliments.

‘What a beautiful smile, fantastic eyes, cute little button nose!' If you had £1 for every time someone told you he should be a model you’d be a very rich – as well as proud – mum.

Still, being a baby model is about more than just a pretty face. Welcome to your guide to getting started in the baby modelling business.

A guide to baby modelling:

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What kind of babies make good models?

‘They have to be photogenic, ideally with bright eyes, clear skin and very smiley,’ says Sharon Obee, director of the Truly Scrumptious baby modelling agency in London. But it's about more than just looks.

‘We also want quirky babies with plenty of character – they’ve got to have a sparkle about them,' Sharon continues. 'It’s also about temperament – they’ve got to be good natured and sociable to put up with meeting lots of strangers.’

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