13 handmade Christmas card ideas to make with children

by Samantha Ball |

Christmas is a time for spending with close family and doing fun activities together, so why not get creative with your little one and create some personal Christmas cards to send out to all the family?

Choosing cards can be incredibly stressful, it's always crowded in the stores and the messages inside the cards aren't always personal. Save yourself a trip to the store and make the cards with your little one instead. It's a lot of fun and there's so many different designs that you can create together.

If you're struggling for ideas, we took some inspiration from Pinterest and found the best homemade Christmas cards for you to make with your baby or toddler.

It can be quite messy, but your little one will have a lot of fun!

Handmade Christmas card ideas

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Santa Claus handprint
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1) Santa Claus handprint

This lovely Santa Claus card is fun to make, and once your little one has made the white beard they'll have fun sticking on his eyes, nose and hat!

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