The best kids spy kit for those little detectives

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by Caitlin Casey |

We all love the likes of James Bond and Spy Kids - so it's no surprise that our children want to get their hands on detective and spy kits when they can.

Whether you want a kit filled with gadgets or just a simple dress up for those detective parties, we've got the best spy kits and gift sets right here. You can grab sets with technological code breakers in mind, or keep it simple with ID badges and magnifying glasses. In no time they'll be breaking codes and working out the clues.

What do I need for a spy kit?

You can grab various spy kits from retailers like Amazon, John Lewis and more. What you'll want to look out for in those detective sets really depends on what you're wanting to use the spy sets for.

If you want an activity day with your spy kit, many come with games and activities included in them, so your child can get to work with the exciting kit you've just bought. On the other hand, you can get loads of kits with accessories and outfits so that your child looks the part. Both are perfect for gifting but it depends on what you really want.

Classic spy kits usually include tools like glasses, a magnifying glass, a hat and coat (think Sherlock Holmes-style), cameras, walkie-talkies and more.

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