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It isn’t unusual for toddlers and kids of all ages to nag their parents to blow some bubbles. Perhaps less for the toddlers, but a little wink towards the machine is enough said! Be it in the garden, the local park, or at a friend’s house, it’s the sort of activity that everybody loves and can get involved with. It’s fun, affordable, accessible, and requires very little skill.

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However, there does seem to be an extensive range of bubble machines nowadays that does make the selection process tricky for some. Do you want one for the indoors? Maybe you want a bubble machine that is best suited for the garden with more space and less to clean up? There are also bubble machines that are automatic, and others that are more interactive.

Here are nine of the best bubble machines currently on the market:

This Bubble Buddies Kids Bubble Machine is an automatic bubble maker best suited for kids or toddlers who love a cute puppy dog. Also available as a hippo, this bubble machine creates hundreds of magical bubbles every minute. Super easy to use, all you need to do is add in the bubble mix and you’re good to go.

The KreativeKraft Bubble Machine for Kids is an automatic dolphin bubble machine great for indoors and outdoors. More suitable for babies and toddlers due to ease, this dolphin can create hundreds of bubbles to entertain the little ones. Very high quality and child friendly, it’s the most adorable design, perfect for the bath, garden, playdates, and birthday parties.

The Bubble Mania Bubble Whale is the best bubble machine for any kids who adore bubbles coming out of the sprout of a whale. Different to most, the Bubble Whale squirts bubbles upwards, just like a real whale. Completely automatic too, all you need to do is fill it up with some solution and it will do all the hard work for you. Strong, sturdy, and built to last, this little guy is a keeper.

Betheaces bubble machine is the best alternative for any kid or toddler who loves a cheeky frog friend to play with. Coming with two bottles of liquid, this toy is great for both girls and boys and produces 500 bubbles per minute. Suitable for indoor and outdoor garden games, the lightweight frog is child-friendly (made from ABS plastic) and easy to use.

For something bolder, the Gazillion Tornado Bubble Toy is the best bubble-blowing machine for anyone who is after lots and lots of bubbles. Coming in green, blue, yellow and multi, the toy quite literally blows a storm of bubbles straight up into the air. It’s appropriate for kids three years and up (so a little older than the automatic machines) and are a great non-toxic solution.

The Ucradle Bubble Machine is an automatic bubble wand for kids who want their inner princess or fairy to shine. The Blower Magic Fairy Stick Bubble Maker comes with a flashing light, musical light and can produce over 1000 colourful bubbles per minute. Coming with bottles of solution, this toy is suitable for kids three years and up who want to take control and create some magic!

Guilty Gadgets Giant Bubble Wand is a manual alternative to the Ucradle and creates bubbles of a much larger scale. Ideal for the garden and the outdoors, this toy certainly keeps the kids out of trouble, interested, and gives them a good little workout in the process. Suitable for kids 5 years and up, simply pour the solution into the dish, dip the ring in, and create mammoth bubbles for hours on end.

Guilty Gadgets also have the very popular Lawn Bubble Mower Push Along Toy for kids and toddlers. This bubble machine has a soapy solution included and is battery operated – phew! All you need to do is fill up the little reservoir with the solution, press the power button and watch the bubbles come out. Meanwhile, watching your kid’s faces light up with satisfaction due to their top-notch mowing skills.

The JOYIN Bubble Guns are the best bubble machines for kids liking a bit more action – James Bond action. Coming with two bottles of bubble refill solution, these bubble blasters are great as party gadgets to whip out and get all the kids involved. Suitable for older kids, they are very easy to use, super durable and are superior quality.

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