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Best fidget toys that all families are getting their hands on

Best fidget toys that all families are getting their hands on

Remember when fidget spinners were all the trend? Well now, a whole mass of fidget toys have exploded onto the market, which everyone can get their hands on. 

Here in the UK, we've been obsessed with these fidget toys, with over five million toys sold since fidget spinners entered the scene in 2017. 

A lot of this trend has been taken up by social influencers and teenagers on Tik Tok, and across other social platforms picking up the satisfying nature of fidget toys. Check out this video below of some of the trending fidget toys right now. 

What are fidget toys for?

As the name suggests, fidget toys are best for children - and adults - who like to keep their hands occupied. They help to keep focus and concentration, work on visual and tactile awareness as well as having vibrant colours to keep you entertained.

These toys have been particularly useful in schools and learning centres for those children with ADHD, autism and anxiety. They've been found to reduce any sensory issues or irritation and can improve motor skills all around. 

What fidget toys should I buy?

There are all sorts of fidget toys on the market. From twisting shapes to balls, buttons and controllers, all of these toys work to keep you fidgeting away. If you can't decide which toy you want to invest in for your children or you, there are bundles and sets of a variety of toys, so that you'll never get bored. 

One of the most popular fidget toys at the moment are the 'Pop It' toys, which have plastic poppers to pop in and out and make sounds. We all know the classic fidget spinners and Rubix Cubes, which also count as these fidget toys. We've found out the best fidget toys on the market, just scroll down for our full list. 

What age for fidget toys?

Most children above the age of three should be allowed to use fidget toys. As many of these toys have small parts and components, as well as buttons or arms, we wouldn't recommend giving these toys to babies or toddlers.

Of course, these toys can be used for teenagers and adults as well, so you won't have to miss out either!

The best fidget toys UK 2021

Best giant pop it fidget toy

How to use it: Pop/press in the bubbles

Some of the most popular fidget toys on the market right now are these huge pop-it toys which are taking social media by storm. Incredibly satisfying through sound and touch as well as being visually colourful, this will keep you occupied for a while. 

Best fidget box set

How to use it: A range of senses to stimulate

Can't decide which fidget toy you want to buy? This The Works Fidget Box has all the classic fidget toys, including a pop-it, magic snake, infinity cube and more. Take your pick!

Best flower fidget toy

How to use it: pop in and out the petals of this flower

Does your child love flowers or the colourful visuals? This Simple Dimple toy has a range of poppers to use through the petals of a flower and looks aesthetically pleasing. Also available in black

Best assorted pop it fidget toy

How to use it: Choose from the assorted pop-it designs and pop in and out

Still on the classic pop-it toys, this collection has assorted shapes for you to choose from with colourful designs. As always, all you need to do is pop in and out to keep preoccupied. It's also water repellent so there will be no spills with this. 

Best classic fidget spinner toy

How to use it: Spin the toy around and around

We all know these amazing fidget toys, which really kicked off the fidget trend. Easy to hold in one hand, all you need to do is spin or flick the side and you'll be having fun for hours. 

Best light-up fidget spinner

How to use it: Flicking/spinning

What's better than a fidget spinner alone? One that lights up! This FIGROL fidget spinner has LED lights in that light up when you flick it around and is great for those who need to be visually stimulated as well as through tactile senses. 


Rubik's Cube

£9.13 - RRP: £12.99

Best Rubiks cube fidget toy

How to use it: Complete the Rubiks Cube by moving the columns around, creating full sections of colour

We all know the classic Rubiks Cube, which was actually released in 1974. The original fidget toy, this is particularly stimulating because it's a game in itself, which you have to complete by moving the colours around. A classic that everyone can get involved with.

Best Rubiks Cube gift set

How to use it: Assorted gift collection with a range of options

Are you and your family a fan of Rubik's Cube? Just want to get more for your money? This Mega Gift Set has everything from the classic Rubik's Cube, to the newest designs, shapes and games to choose from. Puzzle lovers will go crazy for this one. 

Best gum ball fidget toy

How to use it: Simply squeeze and manipulate with your hands

Perfect for those who love pink, this squeezy ball is a traditional fidget toy and you can use it for everything including stress and anxiety. Simple but effective. Pink not your thing? You can get a range of colours in various squeezy balls including colour-changing squish balls

Best value fidget toy set

How to use it: Assorted box of varying toys

If you're looking for more for your money, this Shein gift box has twenty different toys to choose from. For just over a tenner, you'll be getting complete value with squeezy balls, pop-its and more. 

Best tube fidget toys

How to use it: Build up the pop tubes and create up to 10m of tubes

If your child likes to build and attach things together, this iMedic Pop Tube set is sensory and has twelve pieces to play with. You can squish up and down to create longer lengths. Reviewers love that you can create lots of different things with this toy.

Best fidget controller toy

How to use: Tap, click and twist the buttons on this controller

Controllers are remarkably fidgety and these fidget pad toys can do everything from clicking, twisting, rotating, rolling and moving. Luckily it's not connected to the TV! Comes in lots of fun colours too. 

Best tangle fidget toy


How to use it: Manipulate and move around these tangling sections

The use of this Tangle Jr is limitless and you can contort it into all shapes and sizes. It can be uncoiled up to 18cm long or coiled up to 5cm. 

Best fidget ball toy

How to use it: a 3D puzzle with small balls in that you can pop in and out

This fidget ball with rainbow colours is a puzzle in itself, which you can scramble up and move around to get your balls back to their matching slots. 

Best infinity cube fidget toy set

How to use it: Move the smaller cubes around to adjust the shape of the larger cube

Infinity cubes are common to find now and work with 8 smaller cubes to make a large cubes. With this, there are loads of shapes and manipulations around the infinity cube and you can keep changing it around to expose more sides. We love these space-themed infinity cubes.

Best plush fidget toy

How to use it: Works as a cute teddy to flip inside and out.

We have seen these plushie octopus' everywhere and now we want our hands on one. It is a less intense fidget toy but still works because of it's reversible sides, usually revealing two different emotions. Great for any child who wants a plushie but also wants a fidget toy. 

Best water fidget toy

How to use it: Squeeze in and out to move the water around

These toys have been around for years and years and they're not going anyway. With an extra-squishy feel, it's a slippery toy and is intensely sensory, perfect to keep fiddling with. 

Making your own fidget toys...

Want to get down and DIY? You don't have to splash lots of money on loads of fidget toys - as fun as they are! - because you can actually make your own fidget toys with materials around your house.

Even better, it's a great activity to keep your kids occupied. Just check out this video below which has over 50 toys that you can make at home. 

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