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13 Brilliant Bonuses To Being A Stay-At-Home Mum

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From not missing out on any ‘firsts’ to adding great skills to your CV, being a SAHM has a million benefits. Here are our top 13…
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You can make new SAHM friends

Sign up for a baby, new mum or NCT group and you’re bound to double your Facebook friends in no time. Could come in handy when you need a last minute babysitter. [Corbis]
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You’re there for every moment

The first smile, the first laugh, the first step and even the first shower of puke. [Corbis]
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You can take it easy when you’re ill

No more do you need to down Lemsip by the gallon in order to get through a working day with a cold – you can chill on the sofa when you’re under the weather. And thank the lord for CBeebies. [Corbis]
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You’ll have extra bonding time

From cuddles on the sofa, to nappy changing time, to bathtime, you’ll have plenty of one-on-one bonding time with your baby as a SAHM. [Corbis]
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You can take daytime naps

Ok so lie-ins are out, but being at home does mean that when you need to you can nap when your baby does. Helloooo siesta. [Corbis]
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You can enjoy the sun – when it’s out

Forget gazing longingly out of the window when it’s sunny – you can be out there enjoying it all with your tot. Cue lots of playground and beach trips. [Corbis]
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You’ll spend lots of time playing

And your toddler’s toys aren’t so bad. You may even find you get weirdly into building Duplo towers…  [Corbis]
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You’ll get plenty of non-strenuous exercise done

Don’t worry about fitting in a gruelling (and costly) session at the gym – the running around after your baby you’ll do will be enough to keep you healthy and in shape. Result. [Corbis]
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You’ll save on childcare costs

Has the extortionate cost of your local nursery or your friend’s nanny made you feel dizzy? You don’t need to worry about that as a SAHM. [Corbis]
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There’s no dress code

Forget digging out your lint roller on a daily basis and ironing your go-to suit – your baby doesn’t give a toss what you wear. So pull on those trackie bottoms if you feel like it. [Corbis]
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You’ll have time to enjoy cooking

Embrace your inner Nigella and take the time to try out some new recipes. You’ll realised that minus the mad post-work dash to rustle up something for dinner, cooking for your child can actually be fun. You can even enlist him as your sous chefs. [Corbis]

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