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Childcare Update: One In Four Parents Don’t Ask For Family Help

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A new survey has revealed that although childcare is a massive financial issue for UK parents, many of us won’t ask family to look after our baby or toddler

It goes without saying that childcare is one of the biggest pressures when you have a baby, especially on your wallet.
And while some mums rely on grandparents to help out with childcare, a quarter of us would still rarely – or never – ask for help from family when it comes to looking after our kids, according to a poll by childcare review website
The survey of 1,620 people revealed that, with the rising cost of nurseries and nannies, half of parents are spending more than 20 per cent of their monthly income on childcare.
‘The results demonstrate what an independent nation we are, with one in four parents choosing not to rely on their extended families for their childcare needs, despite the financial repercussions,’ says GoodCareGuide Director Andy Major.
There can be plenty of benefits to having your parents or in-laws take care of your child, including the chance for them to bond and develop a relationship. It may also make you more able to relax knowing your baby’s with family.

This new survey comes on the back of a report by Daycare Trust, which revealed that putting your toddler into childcare for 50 hours per week would give you an average annual bill of around £11,000.
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