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Could You Get Help From Norland Nannies – For Free?

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If you’re a parent of twins or multiples and sometimes wish you could just have some extra help – Norland nannies could come to the rescue. At no cost to you

 The Norland Nannies, renowned for their beige uniforms, Mary Poppins alikeness, and martial arts skills (you heard us right), are offering more than just childcare for elite celebs.

ITV programme’s recent documentary, entitled Britain’s Poshest Nannies, detailed the goings on and secrets behind the famous Norland College that provided the nanny for Prince George.         

But beyond the public sphere of high-profile celebrities and TV programmes, the Norland agency has established a charitable partnership with the Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) to help support families struggling with multiples.

Under Tamba’s ‘Helping Hands’ campaign, Norland nannies have been giving up their time voluntarily, free of charge, to support families with multiples who are in desperate need of help and support.

In the past year, Norland volunteers have provided 1644 hours of support to 17 struggling families.

Keith Reed, CEO of Tamba, says, ‘We are so grateful for the support that Norland’s nannies provide our families. Each week we receive phone calls from parents who are at breaking point for all kinds of reasons, whether from financial pressures, a marriage breakdown or deterioration in health.

‘Any family can find themselves in a crisis but with Norland’s support these families can move towards getting back on their feet.’

Patsi Liddle, a Norland nanny experienced in dealing with multiples, remarked on her work for the ‘Helping Hands’ programme.

As a night nanny, Patsi is on call to help those mums who suddenly find themselves unable to cope. ‘I was called in by one mum last night due to the storm. The children were in such a state, screaming and crying, that the mum couldn’t deal with it and was out of her depth. As a night nanny, I was called in to help the mum deal with her twins and calm them down.’

Families eligible for the 'Helping Hands' programme need to have multiples, be unable to afford to pay for help themselves and must be in serious need of assistance. Families must have sought help from family, friends, neighbours or other external agencies and will need to receive support for their application from a health professional.

‘Any family can find themselves in a crisis but with Norland’s support these families can move towards getting back on their feet.’

Those families that are not eligible under the Helping Hands criteria will be directed to other sources of support that are appropriate for their individual situation.

Struggling with multiples? Let us know in the comments box below and make sure to check out Tamba’s website.


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