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If Motherhood Came With A Salary It Would Be £31,216

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If mums were paid for every job they carried out each day, they’d earn more than the national average wage

When it comes to being a mum, we do it for the love, and don’t expect much in return save for the support of our family and friends.

But if you were to add up the hours spent acting as childcarer, cleaner, cook, personal assistant, taxi driver and handyman, and compared them with what the equivalent professionals actually earn, the annual salary would be £31,216. Not bad.

As most mums know, there’s no such thing as a traditional 9 til 5, with a quarter of those surveyed saying they were the first up in the morning, and the last to bed.

So it’s no surprise that in the study of 2,000 British mums by Parragon Books, they also discovered that the average ‘working week’ is approximately 88 hours long because many mums are also holding down actual paid employment of nearly 27 hours a week.

Even so, while you can put a price on the tasks involved in motherhood, actually being a mum, and seeing your little one grow and develop (with the help of partner, family and friends of course)…is, to put it simply: priceless.

What are your tips for juggling all the jobs of being a mum? Let us know below.


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