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‘It’s Boring’: Why One Stay-At-Home Mum Has Passed The Childcare To A Nanny

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OK, so staying at home with your baby has its ups and downs. But would you ever hire a nanny just because you find it all too boring. Because that’s what mum-of-two Esther Walker’s done…

Mum-of-two Esther Walker has hired a nanny. And it’s not because she’s returning to work, it’s because she’s bored of childcare.

Aware that her confession may shock other mums, Esther has admitted ‘I’m getting a nanny because I just don't want to look after a baby all day anymore.’ In a candid article featured on the Mail Online, the mum of two explains how she’s hated her experience of being her own full-time childcare system, finding the days long and lonely.

To make herself happier, Esther has hired a nanny to look after her son Sam, eight months, every morning of the week. The nanny takes care of Sam from 9am until 1pm, leaving Esther time to herself.

'I’m getting a nanny because I just don't want to look after a baby all day anymore.'

‘Of course I love my children dearly,’ says Esther. ‘But my experience of full-time childcare has been awful: long, lonely days scrabbling around thinking up new ways to pass the time.’

‘I'm utterly sick of all the wiping – of little noses, bottoms and faces, of kitchen surfaces and cafe table tops and of the constant bending over doing and undoing buggy buckles and car-seat straps,’ she continues.

Esther didn’t expect to be unhappy as a stay-at-home mum – in fact she was looking forward to it when pregnant with her daughter, Kitty, now three.

‘I must confess that before I had Kitty in 2011, I thought it would be easy,’ says Esther. ‘The naivety of it makes me laugh, now.’

‘I had no problem with the prospect of working less – I didn't feel that I would lose my identity. In fact I was looking forward to singing nursery rhymes and getting messy with finger paints. But the reality was shockingly different.’ Esther struggled to make other mum friends and found her time on her own with her children ‘miserable’. 

But while Esther does admit that ‘life is so much easier now’, she says she greets the nanny each morning with ‘a mixture of happiness and sadness’ – sadness because she feels like she’s failed her children.

‘But Sam doesn't seem to care two hoots who's in charge, as long as they smile a lot and give him his lunch on time,’ explains Esther. ‘And, in the end, he's the one that matters.’ We couldn’t agree more.

Esther isn’t the only mum to feel this way. Recently singer Lily Allen admitted to finding being a stay-at-home mum ‘quite boring’ and said she returned to work because life at home with her kids wasn’t what she expected.

Can you relate to what Esther was going through? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.


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