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More Than A Third Of British Parents Pull Sickies to Spend Time With Their Kids

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Do you find it hard to fit spending quality time as a family into your busy week? It seems it is a struggle for most families, as according to new research, over a third (35%) of UK parents call in sick during the summer holidays to spend time with the kids.

According to the survey as many as four out of 10 parents polled has admitted to faking illness during the work year to avoid using their allocated holiday days.

It seems mums felt the urge to call in sick the most in order to spend time with their children, with 68% admitting feigning illnesses in the survey, compared with only 32% of dads.

When asked why they called in sick, 41% answered that they didn’t want to use up their allocated holidays, followed by 25% admitting that they had already used up all of their annual leave. Being let down by childcare (16%) and being refused a day off (11%) were also reasons cited.

When asked what they had done, instead of going to work, it was revealed that these days off are most commonly spent ‘watching films’ (31%), having a ‘family day out’ (27%) or ‘visiting family’ (24%).

The study, carried out by researchers at, questioned a total of 1,948 British parents, each of whom was in full time employment and had children of school age (between 5 – 15 years old) at the time of the poll.

Have you ever faked an illness to spend time with your kids? Let us know in the poll below…


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