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The Coolest Grandparents Are Most Likely To Be Called Maggie And Ted, Let Their Grandkids Stay Up Late And Own An iPad

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A new survey has revealed just what kids rate as cool when it comes to grandparents. How does your baby's granny and grandpa rate?

Researchers polled 2,000 children aged 5 to15 to establish the traits and attributes that grandparents possess to be deemed ‘cool’.

The poll by McCarthy & Stone, a retirement developer, revealed the coolest grandparents are most likely to be called Ted and Maggie. They let their grandkids play in rain, always have sweets on hand and take their grandkids on days out.

The research found 65 per cent of children described their grandparents as cool, 75 per cent said they hoped to be like their grandparents when they grow old and 70 per cent also said they thought their grandparents were much younger than their years.

Two thirds of grandchildren said they can be a lot naughtier with their grandparents as they can get away with a lot more.

What's more, eight out of 10 said they felt the upmost respect for their mum and dad’s parents, with the main reason being because they say what they think. Giving good advice, producing amazing meals and still being in love were other things kids admired. And one in five said ‘they hold the family together’.

Kim Caldwell, Sales & Marketing Operations Director at McCarthy & Stone, says, ‘This survey shows how fondly children think of their grandparents.

‘While they want their grandparents to be up to speed with the latest technology, it seems they still hanker for traditional things like card games, picnics and of course, extra pocket money. They also love days out with them and being taken on holiday.’

‘Having the time and freedom to spend with your grandchildren pays dividends for retirees, it’s treasured time that children will remember forever.’

How cool are your baby's grandparents? And are they cooler than you as for as your little one's are concerned? Let us know in the comments box below.

  • Author: Lucy Dimbylow

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