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The best Christmas gift ideas for Dads

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Christmas gift ideas for the man in your life

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas for your dad, or your child's daddy, and don't have time to trawl the internet for inspiration? We're here to help - with our Christmas list of gift ideas for dads that they'll really appreciate. 

It’s always easy to buy a gift card or a new pair of socks for Dad, as most of the time he’ll probably go buy the gadgets and gifts that he’ll really love himself. So, if this year you want to surprise him Dad show him just how much he means to you, why not break the cycle of sock presents and get him something really unique?

From practical gifts to sentimental ones, we’ve found a selection of gifts that will fit any budget, so if you’ve agreed on how much to spend or not, you’re bound to find something that he’ll really appreciate.

Whether he loves Guinness, chocolates, or even the latest gadgets, you’ll definitely win him over with our pick of Christmas gifts. And you can tell him some of them are from the kids, too. 

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There’s nothing like a new gadget that will keep your other half busy for a few hours! The Amazon Echo is the perfect gadget, using voice control Daddy can play his favourite music, ask it questions and even play popular TV show games.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, this beard care kit is an ideal gift. The products are designed to strengthen and soften hair, and also helps to promote hair growth. The formula is non-greasy, too, and the stainless steel scissors are of high quality, which gives the perfect finish.

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee for on the go. This machine brews real coffee from fresh grounds, for the perfect cup of coffee each time. It comes with an adjustable drip tray to reduce splashes and spills, and a 400ml stainless steel travel mug.

Fill this frame with all your partner's favourite memories, from holidays to special moments. It holds 10 pictures and is a stylish and modern frame that will look great in any house. The frame is a wall mount only and would look great in the center of a room.

A perfect Christmas chocolate hamper filled with festive favourites. With a mixture of milk chocolate, caramel snowflakes, dark fruit and nut slabs and a salted caramel slab, it’s the best Christmas hamper this year. It also comes ribbon-tied, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping it.

One of the best Bluetooth trackers, Tile Mate attaches to pretty much anything that you don’t want to lose, so that you can find it fast. You can call the tile using an app to find your keys or wallet – you can even use the Tile to call your phone when it’s on silent. It’s perfect for those who misplace their things. With two Tile Mates in this pack, that's two things you can't lose. 

It can be tricky getting the whole family to pose for a photo, and your partner might have his suspicions if you ask for one all of a sudden. This family portrait print is a great replacement, just select each member’s stick figure outline, personalise the colours, expressions and hair and you have the perfect, quirky family portrait.

This free-standing drink dispenser has four leak-proof optics and is the perfect accessory for a home bar. It provides the exact shot measurement of 25ml and is the ideal gift for spirit drinkers. You could even put his favourite spirits on the optics ready for when he unwraps this gift.

This easy to use massager uses a corded hand control to customise the experience, switching between clockwise or counterclockwise. The deep kneading massage pillow helps relieve aches and promote blood circulation. 

Wonderfully cosy, there’s nothing like receiving a good dressing gown at Christmas, to wrap up in after a long day of eating and celebrating. This dressing gown is a classic design, with shawl collar, tie belt and two handy pockets. Its fleece material is ideal for those cold mornings too.

Perfect for a Guinness lover, you can even add a personal message. This is a truly unique gift for someone who loves Guinness, making it perfect for Christmas. It comes with 2 bottles of Guinness, hand cooked crisps, a mug, and Guinness chocolates. 

This unique gift would make a great stocking filler for the handyman in your life. With 15 strong magnets surrounding the strap, it’s perfect for holding screws, nails and bolts, rather than having to search for them in pockets or on the floor. 

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