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The best Christmas hampers

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The best Christmas hampers for 2020

Getting ready to write all your Christmas cards, stocking up on the festive pyjamas and of course, picking out your advent calendars - there's a lot to do!

Christmas hampers are also on the agenda. If you're struggling for ideas of what to buy family and friends, then a hamper is often the ideal solution. There are so many to choose from these days, they're no longer just filled with tea and bisciuts. You can even buy hampers full of beauty and skincare products for a pampering treat (there might be a few here that you want on your own Christmas wishlist). 

Whether you're a fan of prosecco or a cheese maniac this time of the year, discover the best festive hampers you can get your hands on this Christmas. 

Featuring salted caramel chocolate puddles, salted caramel chocolates, the Everything H-box, a dark chocolate slab, and classic hot chocolate. Delicious. Your mum will LOVE you for buying her this. And she won't share it. And neither would we.

When you think 'Christmas hamper', you probably think of F&M straight away. There isn't really any more iconic hamper than the big wicker one from London's exclusive shop, and there are LOADS to choose from – depending on what your budget is, and how much you really love the person you're buying it for. This is the most affordable option, and contains plenty of treats - including tea, champagne, chocolate and baked goodies.

Treat your family to the Classic Christmas Hamper with Fizz from M&S. This beautiful bundle of Christmas goodies includes a fruited pudding, top iced cake, shortbread biscuits, some savoury treats to make your way through, and a bottle of clementine & cranberry Bucks Fizz.

Bettys' luxurious collection in their Perfect Christmas Hamper will get you feeling festive in a flash. From their marzipan fruits and Yorkshire gingerbread to their magical Toasted Marzipan Christmas Cake and Bettys Christmas Coffee, this hamper is what dreams are made of. 

The Ripon Luxury Foods Gift Hamper has a selection of Cartwright and Butler's preserves, sweet treats and savoury snacks for you and your special someone to feast on this Christmas. From gouda cheese melts and savoury thins to their all-butter creamy fudge, Christmas has never looked so irresistible. 

Filled with luxurious facial skincare, this hamper is a real treat. It features cleanser, toner, cream, body oil, and two soaps.

If you don't want to splash out on your hamper, this one from will be right up your street. At an incredible price, this bundle of goodness is filled with luxury mince pies, breakfast tea, Christmas coffee, little shortbreads and more. 

This hamper holds a host of treats. It includes dessert chocolates, salted caramel popcorn, lemon biscuits, crisps, black pepper crackers, salted caramel gourmet marshmallows, breakfast coffee, afternoon blend tea and much more - perfect for foodies.

If you're after a hamper filled to the brim with delicious cheese and Merlot wine, the Wine and Cheese selection from Prestige Hampers is the one for you. Treat yourself to a wedge of Blue Stilton on a Pumpkin Seed and Cranberry Biscuit with a glass of Ladeare Verde Merlot. 

Packed with 60 different sweets, this is a hamper for a real sweet tooth – but let's not talk about the inevitable diabetes you'll get because you'll probably eat everything before the end of Boxing Day.

Hampers often contain lots of non-vegan products, but this one is the ultimate vegan-friendly gift hamper. Plus, the packaging is eco-friendly too. It includes fudge, chocolate, salsa, olives, biscuits, wine, and more.

Not your average hamper, there's not a tea bag in sight. Treat someone to salsa, tortillas, beef jerky, milk and dark chocolate, walnut whips, peanuts, and two bottles of ale.



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