How to navigate the office Christmas party when pregnant

by Catriona Watson |

During the festive season, if you are lucky, your calendar is probably packed full of parties and Christmas events with family, friends and colleagues.

However, with a blossoming bumpmorning sickness and pregnancy fatigue to contend with, parties and socialising can be a bit of a minefield during pregnancy.

The champagne is flowing and canapes full of foods you need to avoid are being shoved in your face, BUT, is it still possible to let your hair down and really enjoy yourself?

If you follow a few of these simple tips then you might find yourself surprisingly disappointed when the disco ball finally stops spinning and everyone gets in the taxi to go home at 11 pm (we can be optimistic right?).

11 tips for Christmas parties while pregnant:

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1) Learn to say no

This might not seem like a tip to help you survive Christmas parties, however, if you have received several invites to different parties and events you need to learn to say no. Pregnancy can be an exhausting time and you don't want to sacrifice your mood and health for the sake of a party (where people will probably get so drunk they won't remember if you were there or not!). Pick the events you really want to or need to attend and make sure you have enough rest beforehand so that you can really enjoy yourself. If you have loads of energy and socialising several days a week isn't a problem then party on! You're one of the lucky few.

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