Add a unique touch to your tree with the best personalised Christmas baubles

Personalised christmas baubles

by Ellen Kinsey |

You know Christmas is well and truly here when the tree is up and decorated with all your baubles and ornaments you have collected over the years.

Adding a personal touch to your Christmas tree is a lovely way to commemorate events or milestones that have happened throughout your life. From a new addition to the family to a new home - there is something so sentimental about hanging decorations up and looking back at memorable moments.

Christmas trees are like time capsules of your life and the festive season is the perfect is time to reflect on your year and accomplishments.

Celebrate these occasions with a customisable Christmas bauble, so you can glimpse back on these times forever.

Without further ado, here are the best sentimental personalised Christmas baubles to add a personal flair to your Christmas tree this yuletide.

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