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15 Fun And Free Outdoor Activities For Kids (That Never Go Out Of Fashion)

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There are some childhood experiences that simply never get old – and summer's a great time to try them out. From hide and seek to blackberry picking, we pick out the fun outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your little ones for free this summer. So conveniently 'lose' the iPad and get out to show your toddler where the real fun's to be had. For more fun ideas, read our guide to the Best Toddler Days Out

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Make sand sculptures at the beach

From grand sandcastles to life-size forts and sand sculptures, make the beach your playground! Writing ‘wish you were here’ in the sand never gets old either…
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Get on your bike

Whether you’re biking along the Thames, through the countryside or simply around your local town, cycling is a fun family activity when the sun is shining – and a great way to tire the little ones out!
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Hide and seek

Even if it’s just in the garden, hide and seek is a game little ones never tire of. Keep it to a quick countdown of 10 or 20 and then let on you really can't see your three year old under the coffee table. You can get almost a full cup of tea downed in this time, trust us.
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Swimming in the sea

Seeing your tot’s face when they paddle in the sea for the first time is a precious moment to remember. And who doesn't enjoy the feeling of sand squishy between the toes. Just be sure to pick a bit of the shore with shallow water and a slow incline into the deeper water.
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Jumping in puddles

Thanks to Peppa Pig and her love of ‘muddy puddles’, you’ll be kitting out your little ones in wellies even in the height of summer. Put your parker on and let the kids make the most of the local park – rain or shine.
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Blackberry picking

One for the pot, one for me…picking (and gorging on) fresh blackberries is a fun way to get your little ones to enjoy the Great Outdoors. You can even have a go at making some tasty blackberry jam with them after.
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Country walks

Having an adventure in the countryside beats attempting to navigate the crowds in town any day. It's a great way for your child to really understand the seasons and learn new words as they explore.
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Flying a kite

Head up your nearest hill and teach your little one the art of flying a kite – an activity that transcends any generation. Just remember you did buy that kite for your kid, right?
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Explore a rock pool

The humble rock pool is full of fascinating sea life for tots. Give them a little net and let them meet their resident crab.
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Have a picnic

Head to your nearest green space for a sunny picnic with friends. Play games of chase, read some picture books – and even bring the teddies along. Guaranteed fun!
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Go bug hunting

Get the magnifying glass out and spot all the creepy crawlies in the garden. Print out a guide and see how many mini creatures they can spot!
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Play 'Pooh Sticks'

We still find it hard to resist a good game of ‘pooh sticks’ every time we cross a bridge. Drop sticks into the water and see which one wins the race downstream.
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Make petal perfume

Little ones will love to make their own signature smell with rose petals from the garden. They can even come up with fun perfume names.
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Go on a boat trip

Boost your baby's water confidence with a little trip on a rowing boat. Start off on the local park pond. Your little one will love the chance to help you row.
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Arts n' crafts

Fetch out all your recycling and old carboard boxes and get your little ones' creative juices flowing!

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