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Summer Activities For Kids: Beaver Water World

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Beaver Water World is Kent’s perfect solution to keep the family entertained this summer.

‘Bored’ won’t come into your child’s vocab this August – Beaver Water World (a registered charity) rescues and cares for mistreated animals and rare reptiles and will have the whole family engrossed in nature. 

Tucked away in Tatsfield, Kent, Beaver Water World is a Noah’s ark and refuge to beavers, deer, lemurs, meerkats, exotic fish and many more interesting animals.

If your toddler likes digging up creepy crawleys in the garden, he’ll love this – Beaver World’s home to all sorts of reptiles from lizards and snakes to alligators and dragons within secure surroundings so your little ones can roam free.

In your little one’s first miraculous years of developmental firsts, get your toddler feeling confident – exploring and learning the importance of animal conservation and respecting reptiles in their near natural surroundings. 

With baby changing facilities as well (result) and all admission fees going towards the upkeep and welfare of the animals, what’s not to love?

£4 for adults and £3 for children.

Opens 10am daily.  Click here for more info.

If you’re not whisking the brood off to Kent today – taking a nature trail in your local park is a great alternative. 


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