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Summer Holiday Activities For Kids: Picnic In The Park

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Summer Holiday Activities For Kids: Picnic In The Park

This is a great way to spend a warm summer’s day. No matter the age of your child, this is something your whole family can enjoy. And in the outside space of a park, it’s the perfect place for your child to let off some steam without you having to worry!

In terms of food, stick to tradition. Classics such as potato salad, sausage roles, and quiche are always family favourites and easy to make. Sausage rolls are very straightforward and are great for picnic snacking. Even recruit the help of your little one if you’re feeling brave!

If you need inspiration, then give our recipe for sausage rolls a quick look.

As for keeping your child entertained, you could take anything from a simple tennis ball to a child’s cricket set. Easy games such as throw-and-catch are great ways to improve their hand-eye coordination.


And although a game like cricket is slightly more complicated, it can help teach your child a number of important values, such as following rules and teamwork, that come with playing sport.

Picnics are also the perfect way to get your little one interacting with the outside world. Take your child for a walk around the park together and fuel their curiosity and get them exploring everything from the trees to the flowers. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the wildlife!

To make the most of your experience make sure to check out our 11 Tips For Creating The Best Family Picnic. And, always remember sun cream - find out which baby sun creams are best here


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