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Summer Holidays Activities For Kids: Garden Treasure Hunt

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Summer Holidays Activities For Kids: Garden Treasure Hunt

Bring some creative fun to your holidays and set up this exciting but easy treasure hunt in the space of your own back garden or a nearby park.

Get the little ones moving, running and thinking all at the same time with a treasure hunt that will get them interacting with the outside world - just don’t make it too hard!
Think up a number of clues and rhymes about your garden or nearby park for your children to figure out and find. This way they’ll be using their heads and having fun at the same time. With the alluring prospect of chocolate treasure on offer, your kids are guaranteed to love this! For more fun ideas, read our guide to the Best Toddler Days Out

What you’ll need:

  •  Treasure (chocolate coins or a reward of your choice)
  •  Pieces of card
  • Colourful pens
  • Simple garden/outside objects (like an apple tree, garden table or park bench)
  • Your ingenuity!
  1. Pick out the most interesting features of the outside space, such as an apple tree, park bench, shed, or tricycle.
  2. On the card, write out simple clues and rhymes for the children to figure out which will lead them to these objects.
  3. Hide these clues out of sight to ensure the children spend some time looking for them like a treasure hunt should be!
  4. Set up eight to 10 clue spots - make sure they’re interacting with the outside as possible.
  5. Hide the chocolate treasure in the final spot.
  6. After you’ve told them there’s a chocolate reward at the end of the hunt, sit back, relax, and watch your kids scurry about in search of their hidden treasure!


A treasure hunt is a brilliant way to combine the fun and sun of the outside with the chance to get them thinking and learning at the same time. Not only will their problem-solving skills be tested but the chocolate treasure will ensure they’re rewarded and recognised for their hard efforts.

Once you’ve completed your treasure hunt, why not have a picnic in the garden? 



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