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9 vegan and dairy-free Easter eggs that kids will love

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With Easter fast approaching, the chocolate egg season is finally in full swing and we know how excited tots can get when seeing all the goodies on the shelves in shops. 

As Easter is perhaps the most dairy-heavy holiday, it can be a particularly tricky time of year for vegans and little ones who are dairy-free. The good news is, your vegan or dairy-free tots have plenty of options, as brands are producing more vegan friendly Easter eggs than ever.

So if your child can't have Easter eggs containing milk, they can still indulge in the tastiest eggs just like everyone else! 

Check out our guide to the 9 best vegan Easter eggs littles ones will love...

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Dark Chocolate City Bunnies, £6, Hotel Chocolat

How smart are these adorable dark chocolate bunnies with bow ties? If you want to stop your toddler from gobbling up a whole egg, these are the perfect alternative and they're made from smooth dark chocolate - yum!
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Free-from Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Flavoured Truffles, £5, Asda

This classic easter egg is free from dairy, gluten and wheat and is suitable for vegans. It comes with luxurious dark chocolate truffles with vanilla flavoured fondant centres.
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Doisy & Dam Good Eggs, £1.79, Holland & Barrett

If you're after some snack-sized chocolate eggs for your tots this easter - these vegan mini eggs will do the trick!
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Moo Free Cheeky Orange Easter Egg, £7.84, Amazon

Who said vegan and dairy-free Easter eggs couldn't be exciting? This chocolate egg is an ideal Easter treat with a cheeky orange flavour.
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Dark Chocolate Bunny in a Box, £8.50, Chococo

Made from Madagascan dark chocolate, this gorgeous little choccy bunny has a fresh red berry fruit note. It's even beautifully decorated with naturally coloured cocoa butter speckles. It even comes in plastic-free packaging! 
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Free-From Splat Easter Egg, £10, Hotel Chocolat

If you're on the hunt for a Free From egg, then look no further. This chocolate egg is free from dairy, gluten, nuts and wheat, but it still has all the creamy notes of real milk chocolate. 
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Mummy Meagz Vegan Chuckie Egg, 99p, Holland & Barrett

With all the chocolate and creamy goodness of a Creme egg, but vegan! These delicious eggs are defintely ones tots will love to indulge in. But hurry, they're selling fast!
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Doisy & Dam Almond Buttercup Easter Egg, £9, Amazon

This moreish dark chocolate egg will be adored, and it even comes with two Nuttercups that your tot might share with you if you're lucky! The egg is made from Columbian dark chocolate and makes for a perfect vegan-friendly Easter egg.
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Free From Chocolate Caramel Egg With Buttons, £2.50, Tesco

Made with a delicious caramel flavour, this choccy egg is free-from gluten, wheat and milk. It even comes with some chocolate buttons, just incase your tot fancies something a little smaller than a chocolate egg.

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