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10 Easter card ideas to make with your child

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Easter card ideas

As much as we all love a good chocolate Easter egg, they disappear far too soon if you're anything like us, which is why an Easter card is a great idea as it's something the receiver can cherish for as long as they please. Our favourite Easter cards are the DIY ones where you can tell the maker (aka child!) has really got stuck in. 

Making an Easter card is also a fun activity to do together and the possibilities are endless, meaning your little one can really let their creativity go wild. However, if you do with some inspiration for an Easter card, here are our favourite ideas for you to try out.

1. Photo surprise Easter egg card

photo surprise cardFor a really personal card that Granny will love, this Easter egg unfolds to reveal your child’s image, adding an extra special touch.

Make this card at Arty Crafty Kids.

2. Potato stamp Easter chick

potato stamp cardThis ingenious card uses a potato cut in half to create a chick body and then wings. Adorable!

Make this card at The Craft Train.

3. Handprint carrot card

carrot easter card
This sweet carrot card uses your child's handprints as the carrot top. It also opens up for your little one to write some words - or maybe a scribble!

Make this card at Simple Everyday Mom.

4. Foot chick card

foot chick card
If you can trust your child not to run around and get paint everywhere, this card will turn your little one's foot into a cute duck. Warning - it may be tickly!  

Make this card at Mine and Me Blog. 

5. Salt Painted Easter Eggs

salt egg easter card
This very cool card design is made using white glue, kitchen salt and paint. This technique will be great to use all year round. 

Make this card at One Little Project.

6. Fork painted Easter egg card

fork painted easter card
You'll no doubt to using a paintbrush with your child but have you tried a fork? We'll definitely be trying this fun technique. 

Make this card at Happy Toddler Playtime.

7. Sponge bunny card

sponge bunny card
If you want something that is quick and easy to do, this is the tutorial for you! We love that your child can really get stuck in with painting.

Make this card at Little Learners.

8. Easter chick card

easter chick card
This super-simple card is ideal for small children who still want to get involved and it requires very little materials.

Make this card at Mum in the Madhouse.

9. Animal easter card

Easter animal card

How adorable are these animal cards? Your little one can pick their favourite animal to make and will love playing with the googly eyes.

Make this card at iHeartCraftyThings.

10. Pom pom bunny

pom pom bunny
If you need a super-quick and easy card to make with your child, this one takes just a few minutes which means you can make a few of them for all the family.

Make this at The Joy of Sharing.

Easter card buys

Included in the pack is 10 Easter Bunny card blanks in 5 assorted card colours to personalise, along with white gummed envelopes. Bring the Easter Bunny to life using pens, stickers, glitter, sequins and pom poms.

This set has everything your child could need to create four Easter cards such as a variety of coloured card, paper, Easter themed shapes and embellishments, 

These Easter stencils will make creating cards a doddle. There are six assorted stencil designs: a lamb, basket of eggs, bunny, chick and daffodil. They are ideal to use with acrylic or ready mixed paint and can be used to decorate books, cards and more. When you're finished, simply wash the plastic stencils and reuse.

These glittery, chunky stickers are made of durable foam with self-adhesive for easy use for Easter crafts. They feature 25 assorted designs such as flowers, carrots, bunnies, eggs etc.

Seeing as it's spring, it makes total sense that your child's Easter card is made with some of this pretty pastel A4 card which consists of five assorted colours: blue, yellow, green, pink and tan. 

These 12 colourful paint sticks contain beeswax which means they will glide across paper and carder easily. Non-toxic and easy clean, the paint stick dries quickly and permanently to protect your youngster's creations .

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