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How to organise an epic Easter egg hunt at home

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Toddler on Easter egg hunt

Easter just isn’t Easter without an egg hunt. And a brilliant one at that. While it can be filled with maps, clues and friendly competition for older children, it needs to be a teeny bit easier for toddlers…

Dry weather? Check. Baskets at the ready? Check. Enough eggs to go round? Err…  With a toddler in tow, putting together all of the components for an ah-mazing Easter egg hunt on the down-low can be quite a task. But with our egg-stra helpful tips, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t all go to plan and leave you with one happy little hunter.

Toddler-friendly easter egg hunt tips:

1. Keep it fair

If your hunt will include more than one child, aim to avoid the tears by colour coding the eggs and ask each tot to search for only a particular colour. Just make sure you count each colour correctly before hiding them…

2. Find a safe space

Hold your hunt in a small, safe space so your little one won’t get lost or overwhelmed. If it’s sunny, the garden is ideal or if not your house is another obvious choice.

3. Be vigilant

Be prepared to be in for the long haul – your tot’s hunt may take him a while. And while it’s tempting to use the time to get on with something else, make sure you keep an eye on your little one to stop him from wandering off or harming himself.

4. Hunt for presents

If your tot is likely to receive Easter eggs from friends and relatives, as well as from you, you can use these as the eggs to hide. It saves you from buying more and will hopefully help avoid a sugar overload!

5. X marks the spot

Opt for visual clues, rather than written ones, to help your tot out with his hunt – cut out large coloured arrows to direct him the right way or up the excitement level with a very basic treasure map. Alternatively, if your hunt is indoors, you can use a trail of jelly beans or raisins to help show your toddler the way. Just follow him to make sure he keeps his attention on the task in hand.

6. Go sugar free

You can fill shop-bought plastic eggs cases with use Easter toys or other non-edible treats if you don’t want to use chocolate. Or hide hard-boiled eggs that you and your tot can paint together once he’s found them all. 

7. Don't make it too hard

Keep your tot’s age in mind and don’t make the hiding spots too tricky – otherwise it will go on for ever and you’ll be left with a grizzly toddler and lots of eggs to find yourself. Hide the eggs in obvious places rather than under or inside other objects.

8. Remember the baskets

An Easter egg hunt can’t happen without baskets – which can be a fun craft project for you and your toddler in the run up to the hunt. Try making baskets from cereal boxes or decorate wicker baskets with tissue paper, ribbons and pipe cleaners.

9. Make the eggs last

No doubt your little one’s going to want to dive head first into his basket of eggs as soon as the hunt’s over, but try to stash them away and make them last a few days. Otherwise Easter lunch or dinner will be wasted on him.

To organise the perfect Easter egg hunt in your garden, get your hands on this kit: 

These Easter-themed game cards are an egg-cellent treat for both children and adults. Simply place them inside a present, egg or basket.   

This four-pack of felt tote buckets can be used as both a gift bag or as totes for your family Easter egg hunts. They come with an adorable sequin bunny motif and can be reused for future events and parties.  

This six-pack of jumping sacks come with a cute rabbit design and matching rabbit ears so your family can get hopping as they go in search of treats.  

These plastic eggs are ideal for safely hiding sweet treats around the garden or home. They’re re-usable for future events and parties and each pack comes with 36 eggs in six different colours. 

If you want your Easter egg hunt to be egg-stra special, these carrot eggs are a great choice from Hobby Craft.  

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