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Although this Easter will look a little different to normal, and we still won't be able to enjoy a large gathering with all the family, there are so many fun ways to mark the occasion, whether you're planning to eat some tasty chocolate eggs all day, or you're just looking forward to chilling out with a four-day weekend (woohoo!).

One way you can celebrate Easter of course is with a traditional Easter egg hunt, and while an outdoor Easter egg hunt is a great opportunity to get your little ones outdoors, we know in Britain that it's not always possible to enjoy the great outdoors without some rain. If you're wanting to avoid your day being spoiled by the weather, you could have an indoor hunt. 

If you’re wanting to design some DIY Indoor Easter egg hunt clues, Hobbycraft have put together some brilliant clues for you to choose as many or as little as you like.  

  • We’re hunting Easter eggs! Where do we keep the eggs? Let’s start there... 
  • You would usually put these on your feet, but if you have a closer look today, you might be in for a surprise... 
  • There’s a place in your kitchen that’s very chilly! It’s full of yummy food, and maybe a clue too... 
  • You eat this breakfast food with milk in a bowl. What do you think could be hiding inside the box? 
  • This clever little machine can heat up your lunch in no time at all! Let’s hope it didn’t cook your next clue... 
  • There’s something with four legs that lives in your kitchen (or dining room!) What could be hiding underneath?
  • This machine loves to eat the food off your dirty plates! Do you think it likes to eat clues too?
  • This bubbly machine spins round and round... what do you think it could be washing today?
  • This machine makes your wet clothes dry... Find the next clue quick before it shrinks!
  • If spring makes you sneeze, you might want one of these... What’s that in the box?
  • It’s important to tidy your toys away when you’re not playing with them. Maybe something else got tidied away too?
  • Don’t be scared - there are no monsters here! Take a look if you dare, under the place where you sleep…
  • You might need to look up high for this place where books are kept…
  • Drawers full of clean clothes can make an excellent hiding place, if you’re small enough... 
  • Make sure you wash your hands before eating all your Easter chocolate, but don’t wash away your next clue! 
  • These open in the morning and close at night. Take a peek behind, you might like what you find…
  • Press a button and everything lights up! What do you think is trying to hide in the dark?
  • There’s a bubbly tub in your bathroom that makes you squeaky clean. Who’s having a splash in there today?
  • There’s something green that lives in a pot and loves sunlight! Maybe it’s got something to share with you?
  • It’s not time to sit down yet! There’s a comfy place to sit in your living room, but today there is something hiding behind it…
  • These are soft and squishy and make your chairs really comfy. Wait, there’s something lumpy underneath!
  • The family loves to gather around and watch a good film. If you watch closely, you might spy a clue…
  • This lies on your floor to make the place look pretty. What do you think got swept underneath by mistake?
  • Tick tock tick tock... can you see what time it is? (It’s time for your next clue!)
  • One step, two steps... How many steps do you need to climb until you can see your next clue?
  • Open the door and you may find boxes, brooms, mops or hoovers. If you look close enough, you might find something else…
  • When it’s time to leave the house, you will want to lock this up behind you. Hurry, before the next clue escapes! 
  • You step on this nearly everyday when you go outside! Be careful today... Check underneath before something goes crack!
  • You would usually put these on your feet, but if you have a closer look today, you might be in for a surprise…
  • What’s the weather like today? You might want to put this on if it’s chilly. Make sure you check your pocket!
  • This goes up when it rains (don’t open it inside!) When it’s sunny, it’s the perfect place for something small to hide...

To help you organise your very own indoor Easter egg hunt this year, we've put together some of the best products to make your Easter egg hunt one to remember.

We love these adorable arrows that can be easily dotted around the home to help your tot find all the hidden eggs! 

One reviewer said: 'I used these for my 1 year olds Easter egg hunt. Although she can’t read yet they were easy and colourful enough for her to find and they look cute. Came pretty quick. Most of them have lasted for me to put away for next year. Would definitely recommend and buy again.'

These colourfully wrapped eggs will catch your child's eye as they hunt for eggs. With 24 eggs included, there's plenty to hide around the home for them to collect. 

With 12 clues included, these clever little hints will get your kids thinking hard to try and find their treats!

One reviewer said: 'Very professional cards and my two little nephews will love following the clues to the Easter eggs.'

These 12 personalised clue cards will make your Easter egg hunt extra special. All you need to do is hide the eggs and cards in the places hinted for a stress-free Easter. 

With two wicker baskets, signs and 16 egg capsules which you can hide treats inside, this set is great for any Easter egg hunt. 

This 10 clue set includes clues, envelopes for each clue and a basket for all the eggs. Your tot will also have to fill in the gaps to find the clues, making it a great tool to encourage them to read and write. 

Wrapped in pretty pastel foil, these hollow milk chocolate Easter eggs are ideal for any hunt and they're also super affordable. 

This 30 pack of adorable bunny feet are perfect for little Easter egg hunters who might be too young to read clues. Simply place the paws out to lead your baby to the eggs! 

One reviewer said: 'Great for Easter hunt our granddaughter loved following them for her Easter eggs.'

Add some fun props to your Easter egg hunt with this fun set. Including 20 paper props inspired by Easter, there's something for everyone! 

If your kids are confident readers and you have a bigger space for your hunt, these 20 clues are a great option. 

One reviewer said: 'When rain or bad weather (or simply your location) doesn't allow you to get outside for an egg hunt these cards have been great. I use them in conjunction with the traditional egg hunt for the older children (and oldies) to join in and have fun.'

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