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13 yummy Easter eggs that your toddler will love

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With Easter not far away, shops are stocking up on all the chocolatey treats, giving you plenty of time to find the best chocolate goodies for your little ones.

Easter is an exciting time for your toddler. If messy Easter crafts and fun-filled days out wasn't good enough, going on Easter egg hunts and getting to eat all the chocolate will definitely make it *eggs-tra* fun. 

We've narrowed down the best chocolate goodies that your toddler will be eager to get their hands on, and incase you don't want a chocolate induced tantrum, we've added in some non-chocolatey Easter treats too!

Toddler-friendly Easter eggs:

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Thorntons White Chocolate Bunny, £4, Amazon

Made from delicious white chocolate, this bunny is almost too cute to eat with its pink nose! But no doubt your tot will not only love how cute it is, but also how yummy it tastes!
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Peppa Pig Egg and Meal Time Set, £5, Tesco

With a milk choccie egg and a Peppa Pig bowl, spoon and beaker, this set is perfect for your little ones. 
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Dinosaur Egg, £4, Thorntons

How roar-some is this egg? This friendly dinosaurs is made from smooth milk chocolate, with white chocolate and green icing. 
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City Easter Bunnies, £6, Hotel Chocolat

If you don't want your toddler trying to eat their Easter egg all in one go, these milk chocolate bunnies would be perfect for a little treat or to take on the go for an Easter day out! 
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Cadbury Easter range, available from all major stores

​For a classic Easter taste, Cadbury comes to the rescue, whether you want a Cream Egg, Oreo cookie egg, or one of their many other chocolate treats. 
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Bunny Rabbit and Duckling Fairy Cakes, £14, Waitrose

12 delicious, golden sponge fairy cakes featuring cute bunny and duckling decorations. They're the perfect alternative to chocolate eggs for little ones this Easter!
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Kinder Friends in the Sky Mini Figures, £2, Morrisons

With 6 hollow figures, these chocolate treats are an ideal size for tots, and they'll love the character foil! 
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Lindt Chocolate Gold Bunny Family, £5, Amazon

5 chocolate bunnies in a lovely little gift hutch! They're the baby bunnies of Easter, and ideal for your toddler. The hutch contains two medium gold bunnies and three little ones!
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Moo Free Egg, £7.90, Amazon

Totally vegan and made without dairy or gluten, there's even a cheeky orange or honeycomb egg! They're perfect for vegan or dairy-free tots. Also available from most major stores.
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Woolliam the Sheep, £8, Hotel Chocolat

Woolliam is a hand-carved cuddly character that's a great treat, different to your usual chocolatey eggs. He's even leaping over a diddly pot of caramel chocolate drops.
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Mega Egg Hunt Basket, £3, Tesco

If you're planning on doing an Easter egg hunt, these colourful treats will be perfect to hide around the garden or house, your little one will love finding them. 
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Easter Treats Gift Bag, £30, M&S

The ultimate gift bag for a tot this Easter, these chocolate treats are too hard to resist! The gift bag contains, a hide and seek egg hunt bag, chicky choccy speckled eggs, caramel eggs, four bubbly bunny, giant Easter button and Easter fried egg whips.
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Decorate Your Own Gingerbread-Egg, £1.80, Tesco

A fun treat that little ones will enjoy this Easter! With 5 egg shaped ginger biscuits, chocolate flavoured icing and sugar decorations, they'll have a lot of fun designing their own Easter eggs!

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