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Introducing the Cosatto Anti-Escape System

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Is your little one an escape artist? 

A recent study in Australia identified that children are 12 times more distracting than mobile phones while driving.

In the UK alone there are approximately 1,700 children (source ONS) aged 0-4 years old who are injured or killed while travelling in cars. 

Did you know that 70% of children can escape from their car seats? Most people don’t and new parents aren’t always aware of this safety issue when choosing a seat.  

Cosatto has created a solution to this wriggly problem - their new Anti-Escape System, working with 5 Point Plus. 

“Driver distraction due to toddlers removing their harness is a risk to all road users and pedestrians,” says Richard Knight, 5 Point Plus. “Cosatto is offering parents a real choice between simply buying a seat that complies with safety standards or buying a seat that sets safety standards. Cosatto’s new seat with the integrated 5 Point Plus anti escape system will help reduce driver distraction and casualties.”

Up until now the standard 5-point harness on car seats offered the best protection for a child.  However, children are natural escape artists and push their hands through the gaps above the buckle, simply slipping the harness off their shoulders and wriggling free. 

The new Cosatto anti-escape system shields those gaps above the buckle making it virtually impossible for your little ones to wriggle their arms free. 

In tests, 9 out of 10 children could notnot wriggle out of their brand new Cosatto Anti-Escape System. 

Which car seats feature the new Cosatto Anti-Escape System?

5 Point Plus is available as standard on all Cosatto Group 1 car seats: Moova 2 (Group 1), Zoomi (Group 123), Hubbub ISOFIX (Group 123), Hug (Group 123) and Hug ISOFIX (Group 123).

Introducing the Cosatto anti-escape system

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