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REVEALED: The winner of the best small family car of the year 2019

Section: Family cars and Mother & Baby have chosen the Ford Focus as the Best Small Family Car in the Parkers New Car Awards 2019. The class-leading family hatchback was praised for its huge interior with impressive rear legroom, cutting-edge safety features and low running costs, thanks to its efficient engines and long service intervals.

The fourth-generation Ford Focus might sport a lower, sleeker style, but it’s way roomier than before, more refined to and better to drive and live with. It’s also lighter, more aerodynamic and efficient, so it uses less fuel and delivers better performance and economy. Combine these qualities with a fully-packed suite of class-leading safety equipment and the Focus makes an excellent choice for a growing family.

Parkers editor Keith Adams said: ‘The prime appeal of the Focus has always been its sheer drivability. It’s great to see that as the car completely changes its look for its transformation into its fourth generation, the excellent space efficiency, family-friendly features and sheer feel-good appeal have made it through untouched.’

The winning car has been tested rigorously by the team, which judged the best cars for small families on a combination of value, quality, reliability, cost-per-month on finance deals and fitness-for-purpose.

In addition to the Ford Focus, and Mother & Baby have awarded the Waze Navigation system and its integration into cars. This brilliant and free to use navigation system is updated in real time, , and integrating it with your infotainment system adds top-line connected functionality, such as live updates on where slow or stationary traffic is, or if there's a dangerous pothole or stranded vehicle you should be aware of.

Keith Adams, editor, added: ‘In the second year of running the New Car Awards, we’re excited to have come up with such an interesting selection of winners. We’ve combined what we know about what our users are viewing on Parkers, with the combined team’s century of editorial expertise. We’re more than happy to have chosen a car that’s so affordable and fun to live with as the Ford Fiesta ST out of a brilliant line-up of cars.

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