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Rise Of The ‘Grancation’: Does Grandma Come On Holiday With You?

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A new survey has found parents are taking the grandparents on holiday with them – so they can babysit

It’s becoming increasingly common for three generations of family to head off on holiday together, as parents are inviting the grandparents to come away with them. That’s according to a poll of 2,139 parents by online travel agency

When asked ‘Will your family holiday later this year include only you, the parent(s), and your children?’ 61% said ‘no’. They were then asked who else would be going with them and over half (53%) said their children’s grandparents would be joining them.
The reasons for this included simple tradition – 21% said it was something they always did when it came to their family holidays. But 67% said it was so that their parents could keep an eye on their children to give them a bit of a break or time alone.

What was slightly more worrying was that when asked if their own parents were willingly coming along on the family holiday, or if they’d put up some resistance to the idea, 42% admitted that their children’s grandparents weren’t all that keen on the idea.
If you do decide to bring your parents along with you for a holiday this summer, it’s probably best to set some ground rules on what you expect from them in terms of childcare.

And if you do expect them to play babysitter every evening, you should probably look into covering some, if not all, of the cost of their ticket.

Would you expect your parents to look after your children if they came on holiday with you? Let us know in the comment box below.


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