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11 brilliant toys to pack for your family holiday

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Keeping your toddler entertained on holiday is not always easy. So why not buy your tot a new toy to give them on your journey and pack a few more, too? We've found the best (and affordable!) toys to pack for your hols.

The best toys to take on holiday

This educational book will fit in yours or your little ones bag perfectly. It's fun, educational and you can even hear the words, songs and instructions in both English and French! 

This scrunch bucket is the perfect replacement from those bulky, plastic buckets that take up all the room in your bags - plus it's great for the environment! Simply fold and roll it store it away. It's ideal for carrying water and building sandcastles.

Colin The Crab Pop Up Book

Heading on a long plane journey? Why not get a pop up book? Colin the Crab is beautifully illustrated with 24 amazing pop ups to keep your tot entertained. The book highlights the importance of caring for creatures no matter how small, good beach preparation.

Whilst this isn't necessarily a toy, your little ones will love being in the water more with this little float! Available in sizes 0-12 months and 12-24 months, the float offers support to the best, neck and back and encourages swimming development. They'll love feeling independent!

Toddlers love to be creative, so with this no mess doodle bag they can draw pictures on the go! It has two easels inside and all you have to do is fill the pen with water and then watch drawings come to life like magic. Once the waters dried, the picture fades away ready to start again. This would be perfect for those long journeys or even to keep your tot out of the sun for an hour!

With over 175 songs and phrases, your tot is bound to love the laugh and learn puppy! Teach your little one letters, numbers and colours, feating songs such as ‘pat-a-cake’ and ‘itsy-bitsy-spider’. Its small size makes it ideal for your suitcase, too.

How cute is this personalised rocket stacker? It's great for developing motor skills, as your little one will have to think about what order the rings need to be stacked. It doesn't take up much room in a suitcase either! 

This bucket is so much more interesting than a traditional beach bucket. The handle makes it great for carrying water in and the cool spherical shape means your tot can have ‘unique’ shaped sandcastles, too.

Being away from home with a little one can be quite difficult, you don't have any of your home comforts and it might cause some challenging moments! This little photobook is made with soft fabrics and designed for babies and toddlers. You can choose what photos and words to put in, so why not fill it with pictures of home and family members to give your tot some familiarity while you're away.

Encourage your little one to learn with the help of Peppa Pig. It has 7 fun activites and even helps teach alphabet sounds.

What holiday is complete without an inflatable beach ball? Great fun for all the family, it's ideal for days by the pool or the beach!

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