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Meet the stylish tots who are already famous on Instagram

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They wear the latest designer labels, mingle with the rich and famous and, if they’re not modelling at Fashion Week, they’re front row.

With their stylish outfits and lavish lifestyles, these are the tots taking Instagram by storm...

The mini stars of Instagram:

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1) Coco Pink Princess, @coco_pinkprincess, 667K followers

Coco might only be eight, but she definitely prefers Dior to Disney princess dresses. Her interest in fashion isn’t surprising: her parents own Funktique, a vintage shop in the heart of fashionable Tokyo and she’s been dressing herself since the age of two. She has complete creative control, selecting which images go on Instagram and even adjusting the colour balance to make sure the shot is just right.
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2) Alonso Mateo, @alonso.mateo, 19K followers

This ten-year-old boy isn’t afraid to wear a turquoise tux or take a dachshund-shaped handbag to Paris Fashion Week. Though born in Mexico to celebrity stylist Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, Alonso now lives The OC life in Laguna Beach. His style is high-end: think Tom Ford, Chanel and Gucci and his signature pose is one hand in a pocket.
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3) Stella and Blaise, @stellaandblaise, 68K followers

Siblings Stella and Blaise started modelling at the ages of five and three, after their naturally blonde curls attracted the attention of an agent. Their look is urban, edgy, colourful and very, very cool. No wonder they’ve been photographed for the likes of Converse, H&M Kids, Tommy Hilfiger and Skechers.
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4) Fashion Laerta, @fashion_laerta, 1.1m followers

Laerta’s eclectic mix of cute party dresses, Disney accessories and chic sophisticated ensembles has won her fans all over the globe. She’s already caught the attention of fashion editors, hoping to capitalise on her unique sense of style (and popularity) and has been featured in Vogue and Bazaar magazines, among others.  
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5) Millie-Belle Diamond, @milliebellediamond, 192K followers

This Aussie four-year-old loves her accessories: Louis Vuitton handbags, the Gucci belt and Moschino basketball caps are her wardrobe staples. After an appearance on the Today Show, Mille-Belle’s fame sky-rocketed. “She's got Balmain, Gucci, Fendi, D&G etc. sitting in her closet waiting to be shot. I'm rather jealous of her wardrobe,” admits her mum.
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6) Ioni Conran, @ioniconran, 75K followers

Model Coco Rocha is well-used to having her photo taken so it’s not surprising that her daughter Ioni James Conran can also strike a pose. The three-year-old loves a jumpsuit, an edgy print and a pretty prom dress. As well as amazing clothes, her Instagram account gives you a glimpse into her incredible life, which involves enormous yachts, modelling at Couture Fashion Week and private helicopter rides.
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7) Vada Wren, @miasaidno, 40K followers

Five-year-old Vada Wren’s unique look involves taking an iconic print and matching it with a bright, bold colour. She’s also a fan of oversized trousers, braces and leather jackets. With a never-out-of-place bob and powerful pout, we expect big things from this little lady in the future.
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8) Ryan Secret, @ryansecret, 131K followers

This seven-year-old has been a model since the age of two but he went viral on Instagram because of his uncanny resemblance to Bruno Mars. Of course, a lot of Ryan’s appeal comes from his clothes (a mix of crisp, white shirts and distressed jeans) but his hair has also gained him plenty of admirers, including Khloe Kardashian.
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9) Boomer Phelps, @boomerrphelps, 742K followers

When your dad is the most decorated Olympian of all-time, what do you do? Become an Instagram star of course. Michael Phelps’ two-year-old son Boomer has a refreshingly normal life; he’s regularly snapped brushing his teeth with his dad, riding on his scooter, pumpkin-picking and, of course, swimming. 
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10) Si Penglipur Lara, @laraalanaa, 3.4m followers

The daughter of two famous Malaysian actors, Si Penglipur Lara has a staggering number of followers and is an ambassador for Johnson & Johnson. She also has her own TV series, Lara oh Lara, and her own fragrance line. Take that Harper Beckham.
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11) Dream Kardashian, @dreamkardashian2016, 100K followers

The Kardashians were born out of social media and the next generation of the famous family seems to be following suit. Dream Kardashian, the two-year-old daughter of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, is regularly snapped driving a toy Mercedes 4x4, wearing Chanel and playing with her famous cousins. 
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12) Prince, @princeandthebaker, 10K followers

This boy is so cool, he makes a Batman costume look good. Prince loves sunglasses, baggy jeans and a head-to-toe Burberry print. He gives out styling tips via his website and is launching his own clothing line soon so expect to see more of his particular brand of nonchalance.

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