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Joe Wicks: 'Wake Up With Joe', Wean in 15, and 24 Hour PE Challenge

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Joe Wicks, aka, The Body Coach, is a very busy man indeed. Not only is he a fitness coach, presenter and author, but he's also a proud dad of two, with daughter Indie and baby boy Marley.

During the start of lockdown, Joe was a hero for parents having to juggle work and child care duties as he brought his morning PE lessons to living rooms across the nation. Now, as England heads into another national lockdown, Joe is bringing back his morning 'Wake Up With Joe' PE lessons for families to enjoy in the mornings. 

Joe Wicks PE

He shared the news on Instagram saying: 'Guess who’s back with “Wake Up With Joe” 😀 I promised if we went back into a lockdown I would be here to help you get through it and I’m now committing to filming and sharing 3 new workouts a week until lockdown is over how ever long that takes 🙌🏽🥵 They will go live Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am on my YouTube channel starting on Mon 9th. This will not be LIVE workouts but pre-recorded short 15-minute energy and mood boosting workouts to help you stay fit and find some positivity, energy and help with your mental health. You can then choose to do the workouts at a time which suits you. I need this just as much as you. Our mental health is suffering but we can get through this lockdown together and come out stronger both physically and mentally. 🙌🏽'

Joe Wicks set for 24-hour charity workout challenge

Joe Wicks will begin his 24-hour charity workout challenge, in aid of Children in Need, on Thursday 12 November. Joe will attempt to work out all day... and all of the night. He'll be doing a range of activities, from cycling to yoga, boxing to rowing, and his signature HIIT workouts. Throughout the course of the 24 hours, he'll be joined virtually by a host of celebrity guests - including BBC Radio 2 presenters, who will be live on-air.

The celebrity fitness expert was appointed an MBE in the Queen's delayed birthday honours list last month, for his efforts keeping the nation fit during the first national lockdown.

Joe - aka The Body Coach - thinks the epic keep-fit session will be a fitting way to end a "challenging" year.

"2020 has been a challenging year for us all, so what better way to end it than by raising money for BBC Children in Need, a charity very close to my heart," said Wicks. 

The nation's new favourite PE teacher is encouraging people to join in at home, and to post pictures of their workout on social media. TV viewers will also be able to keep across Wicks' efforts live on the Red Button and iPlayer.

This year's Children in Need programme will be broadcast on BBC One from 7pm on Friday 13 November.

Joe has recently opened up about his mental health struggles during lockdown and shared how the pandemic has had an impact on him.


A post shared by Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach) on


Are you struggling with the pandemic too? If you're feeling like Joe and think it is starting to take it's toll on your mental health, we've put together some useful advice so you can find the help you're looking for. 

Between looking after his children and his successful business, he's somehow found the time to launch his new project, Wean In 15 (clever, huh!).

After the incredible success of his Lean in 15 books and Bodycoach plan, diet and fitness expert has now launched Wean in 15 after its huge success on Instagram. Understanding that weaning can be an overwhelming process for many parents and getting your baby from breast feeding to eating solid foods at the dinner table can be a daunting task, Joe has created a simple guide to weaning.

Wean in 15 includes expert advice and simple tips plus one hundred tasty recipes for your baby to try, making it a brilliant book for new parents. After recently becoming a dad for the second time to baby son Marley, we caught up with Joe to chat to him about his new book.

How did Wean in 15 come about?

There hasn’t really been anyone from a male perspective talking about it with an up to date modern approach so I'm working with a really great nutritionist called Charlotte Stirling-Read. I'm definitely not an expert and as I'm learning through her, she's giving me all her knowledge and research and we're coming up with really nice content to put into the book.  I've also got a new Instagram account for it too which has grown really quickly.

People are very nervous and very opinionated and tend to get very anxious, I want people to feel relaxed about it and to enjoy it and in a non-judgmental way. I'm really excited about it because I really think people are engaging with it and really want advice. I'm sharing it all in an authentic way, one day Indie will like broccoli and the next she won't go near it, but it's about removing the pressure and the stress. They may not want to eat it now but try again in an hour and they might then! It's little things. People seem really strict and seem to be either one way or the other, baby-led or spoon-led but I'm like, roll with it! See how it goes, see how the baby react and just don't worry. 

You can buy Wean in 15 now on Amazon

Here are six important lessons Joe Wicks has learned since becoming a dad. 

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1) A baby is the ultimate commitment

I always thought I'd be a young dad. My mum had me and my brother quite young so I just had this vision of me as a dad in my 20s.

But when the time came, I just wasn't ready. Then I met Rosie and we were super in love and really happy in our relationship.

My parents were never married, so I never really believed in marriage, so I always said to Rosie: 'the main commitment for me, is having a child with you.'

That's a complete and ultimate bond between two people. So she got pregnant first and then we were engaged!
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2) Women are amazing

  We went to all the NCT classes and I found it really fascinating. I think it's incredible what the body and all the hormones do.

I told Rosie before the birth of Indie: 'I'm not going to look down there, I'm just going to hold your hand and be right by your side.'

But when it came down to it, I was like, 'Come have a look! You can see the head!'

I wasn't grossed out, I was completely amazed by what was happening. Rosie was so strong, it's incredible what women go through. It makes you have a real respect for the female body afterwards.
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3) Being a parent is a full-time job

Indie is just like me when I was a kid, really hyperactive with a short attention span. She won't just sit there drawing, she's all over the place.

I had her on my own at the weekend while Rosie went on her hen do and it’s another level of energy!

I'm used to keeping fit and moving around but it's mentally draining having a baby full-time like that. I have massive respect to people who do that all day, every day, seven days a week.
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4) Baby carrying is the best

Carrying Indie is one of my favourite things and I love my baby carrier.

I had a wrap when she was first born and we would do skin to skin. It was a really warm summer so we'd walk around to get as many cuddles as possible.

Now we have an Ergo baby carrier and I really enjoy the closeness that we get.  
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5) Travelling with a baby is possible

Travelling is something I’ve always done. Me and Rosie love seeing the world and I didn’t want that to stop when we had Indie.

We took her to Costa Rica recently and we rented a car, booked the first few nights of our hotels and then we just said 'Right, Trip Advisor! Where shall we go next?'

It's obviously slightly different now, you can't go jet-skiing together or boozing until 2am, but we'll just take it in turns if there's certain activities we want to do.

I don't get stressed out by sleeping patterns or what she's going to eat, as I think if you spend your life like that, it becomes stressful and you're anxious all the time and then the baby becomes anxious.
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6) Food needs to work for the whole family  

I've realised that if you're not eating the same food as your baby, it's quite a lot of hassle so I'm trying to make things that Indie and I can both eat together.

For lunch, I might make a really lovely big frittata with eggs, peas, spinach, baby tomato, paprika and cheddar cheese.

I’ll cut it into little squares so Indie can have some too and we'll sit and eat together which I think is a really positive thing to do with your kids.

Don’t miss Joe on CBeebies

This evening, Joe will be appearing on CBeebies to read their nightly Bedtime Story. As it's Valentine’s night, Joe is sticking to the occasion with a reading of Love Monster. This is the first of three stories Joe will be reading for the channel and he shared the exciting news on his Instagram.


Follow Joe on Twitter and Instagram at @thebodycoach and @weanin15_ on Instagram. 

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