1 in 5 two-year-olds never eat their veg

1 in 5 two-year-olds never eat their veg

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Recent research has suggested that 1 in 5 two-year-olds never eat their vegetables, and 30,000 two-year-olds have NEVER tried a vegetable.

The findings, from a YouGov survey commissioned by children’s food brand Ella’s Kitchen, also showed over a quarter of parents spend a total of one day a year trying to persuade their children to eat vegetables.

In addition to the YouGov survey, Ella’s Kitchen commissioned the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) to conduct an independent literature review to identify evidence-based ways to help children develop healthy eating habits. The first output of this work is BNF’s peer-reviewed paper ‘Complementary Feeding: vegetables first, frequently and in variety’, which has been published in the June issue of Nutrition Bulletin.

The findings from the BNF’s literature review highlight that introducing a variety of vegetables during the early stages of weaning is associated with increased acceptance of these foods during the weaning period and into later childhood.

On the back of the results, Ella’s Kitchen has launched its new campaign, Veg for Victory, which aims to raise awareness of the benefits of starting weaning with vegetables.

Mark Cuddigan, Ella’s Kitchen UK Managing Director, said: “We want Veg for Victory to galvanise the nation and inspire mums + dads about why starting weaning with veg is best for tiny tummies.”

Dr Lucy Chambers, British Nutrition Foundation, added: “This review highlights that familiarising infants with a wide variety of vegetables during the early weaning period is positively associated with increased acceptance and intake of these foods in later childhood.”

To kick-start your little one’s love of vegetables, here are our favourite weaning recipes packed full of veggie goodness:

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12 Easy Baby Puree Combinations
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1) Carrot and butternut squash

These autumn flavours are rich in vitamin A. Use frozen or prepared squash if you’re not using the whole squash.

To make a puree, steam 60g peeled, chopped carrots and 100g peeled, cubed butternut squash for 8 minutes or until just tender. Cool slightly then puree with 1 tbsp vegetable oil, adding your baby’s milk, if needed.

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