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10 Fab Food Secrets (That Smart Mums Swear By)

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Wondering how to trick your baby into eating more at dinnertime? Welcome to the savvy tips that could improve your baby's dining experience

1 Make a food rainbow 

‘Use brightly coloured slices of food – such as peppers or cucumbers – and arrange them in a pretty shape,’ says Issy. A study from Cornell University in the US found that babies are attracted to plates of food containing at least six different colours.

2 Start singing

Babies who experience using different senses during mealtimes eat more. So, make  up silly songs about her food.

3 Do a fish face

Open your mouth when you want your baby to open hers. ‘My son Connor always copies me and, if I open my mouth wide when I’m bringing the spoon up to his mouth, he does the same and gets more as a result. He thinks it’s hilarious, too,’ says Kirsten Daw, 34, from Kent.

4 use cutlery with her favourite characters on it

And, when she gets older, buy sandwich cutters in the shape of her favourite animal (available from Simple, but it really works.

5 Turn mealtimes into learning times

Count mouthfuls or give funny names (and voices) to the food, such as Peter Pepper or Colin Cucumber. ‘You’re aiming to make mealtimes as fun as playtimes,’ says Issy.

6 mash it up

The Annabel Karmel Food Masher creates baby food out 
of anything soft in seconds, and you can serve it straight from the bowl.

7 buy soft stuff

Spoons with a soft tip are gentle on your baby’s gums, and are brilliant for the first few weeks of introducing solids. .

8 Use wide-thumb plates 

They are much easier to hold steady while feeding your baby.

9 a Sleeved bib

It protects clothes It means your tot can really get stuck in – and you don’t have to worry about a huge pile of washing.

10 use a food tray for fussy eaters

It will keep her food separate and she can easily pick out all the bits she fancies.

Let us know the food secrets you rely on in the comments box below.

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