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12 Healthy Summer Treats For Your Child (And Not A Carrot Stick In Sight) 

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Bored of offering your little one the same afternoon snack but struggling to awaken your inner master chef? Look no further. We’ve got a dozen snacks that are healthy, delish and perfect for a sunny day. They may even become more coveted than ice cream. Maybe.
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Banana ice cream

Steer clear of shop-bought ice creams, which are often packed with sugar, and make this delish alternative. ‘Simply cut ripe banana into chunks and freeze for one to two hours or until frozen through,’ suggests Dr Hilary Jones. ‘Put into a blender and blend with enough milk to give a creamy texture. Sweeten with a dash of honey.’ [Corbis]
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Trail mix

‘Let your child make his own trail mix to take on a garden adventure,’ says Great British Bake Off finalist Holly Bell. ‘Let him choose from raisins, apricots, any nuts he likes and a handful of cereal.’ [Alamy]
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Rainbow fruit salad

Take your tot on as your sous chef with this simple summer snack. ‘Let him wash the fruit, help to cut it if he’s old enough and then layer it into see through plastic tumblers,’ says Holly. [Alamy]
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Colourful dips

Dips are perfect for outside summer picnics and great for a pre-dinner snack with veg sticks. ‘You can blend your own hummus using tinned chickpeas (or other pulses), olive oil, a little lemon juice, some garlic and tahini (if you like it),’ says Holly. ‘For a bit of fun add some beetroot or natural food colouring to make the dips really eye catching.’ [Corbis]
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Pitta pizzas

Spread pesto or tomato puree onto wholemeal pitta and sprinkle on whatever pizza toppings your tot likes (or let him top his own). Once it’s cooked, cut it into small squares that he can snack on for the next couple of days. [Corbis]
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Fruit star sticks

Cut watermelon, mango and other soft summery fruits into star shapes and thread them onto kebab sticks. Your little one can then dip them into yoghurt or melted chocolate. Just have the wet wipes on hand. [Corbis]
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Cucumber mini sandwiches

Ditch the bread and use cucumber slices instead. Fill the ‘sandwich’ with a slice of cheese or some ham for a fun treat for your tot. [A Spotted Pony]
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Apple crisps

Indulge your tot’s sweet tooth in a healthy way with this fruity take on crisps. ‘Bake very thin slices of apple in a low oven until dried out like crisps for a healthy snack without the salt and oil,’ says Holly. [Corbis]
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Homemade choc ices

Looking for a healthier take on an ice cream? Here it is. ‘Cut banana up, push into sticks, dip in melted chocolate and then into dried strawberries, then freeze for a healthier take on choc ices,’ says Holly. [Alamy]
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Corn flowers

A whole corn on the cob can be hard for a small person to get through, so, once cooked, cut circular chunks instead. Thread them onto cocktail or kebab sticks, put them in a flower pot and there you have it – corn flowers. [Frances Janisch]
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Courgette crisps

Just like the apple crisps, but roast thin slices of courgette (or other vegetables) with a drizzle of olive oil instead. Serve in paper cones so they feel like more of a treat. [Corbis]
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Home Made Ice Lollies

Make some lollies at home with your toddler for a tasty treat that is perfect for helping you cool down in the summer. We like this Choco Bananadip lolly recipe.

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