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12 yummy Easter eggs your toddler will love

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With Easter not far away, most shelves in the shops are full of chocolate treats, so we've narrowed down the best chocolate goodies for your toddler. And just incase you don't want a sugar-fuelled tantrum, we've added in some non-chocolate goodies too.

Why let the fun stop there? Give these Easter crafts a go with your toddlers!

Toddler-friendly Easter eggs:

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1) Gruffalo Egg, £4, Thorntons 

There's no such thing as a Gruffalo... but there is such thing as a Gruffalo chocolate Easter egg, which is perfect for little ones who love monster adventures. 
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2) City Easter Bunnies, £6, Hotel Chocolat

If you don't want your toddler trying to eat their Easter egg all in one go, these milk chocolate bunnies would be perfect for a little treat or to take on the go for an Easter day out! 
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3) Easter Egg Gingerbread, £1, Morrisons

A fun treat that doesn't get the walls covered with those little choccie fingers.
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4) Cadbury Easter range, available from all major stores

​For a classic Easter taste, Cadbury comes to the rescue, whether you want a Cream Egg, Oreo cookie egg, or one of their many other chocolate treats. 
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5) Doug the Dinosaur, £3.50, Tesco

Easter isn't just for cute bunnies and lambs, but for scary dinosaurs too. This milk chocolate figure is perfect for those future dino-wranglers.
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6) Easter Cupcakes, £3, Waitrose

If you're having a childrens Easter party, these cute cupakes will be perfect for those reaching little hands.
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7) Pen Pals - Farmyard Animals, £10, Hotel Chocolat

These farmyard pals made from white, caramel and milk chocolate, will be adored by your little ones, they look too cute to eat! 
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8) Moo Free Egg, £4, available from most major stores

Totally vegan and made without dairy or gluten, there's even a cheeky orange or honeycomb egg!
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9) Farmyard Friends, 40p, Sainsbury's 

These hollow chocolate figures are filled with smarties, choose from a chick, sheep, pig and goat! 
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10) Peppa Pig Meal Time Set, £4, Morrisons

With a milk choccie egg and a Peppa Pig bowl, spoon and beaker, this set is perfect for your little ones. Why not get them as gifts too and buy 3 for £10?
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11) Easter Egg Hunt Treats, £15, M&S

​If you're planning on doing an Easter egg hunt, these colourful treats will be perfect to hide around the garden or house, your little one will love finding them. 
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12) Lindt Gold Milk Bunny, £1.89, Waitrose

The baby bunny of Easter, and ideal for your toddler. 

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