16 superfoods that your toddler will love

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by Mother & Baby |

Whether your baby’s getting his first taste of solid foods or wolfing down mini portions of your meals, the right food can set him up for life.

"Because your baby has such a small stomach, every mouthful counts, so pack each meal with lots of nutrients," says Sarah Shenker from The Nutrition Society.

A good diet lays the foundations of your baby’s body and growth, so prime your baby’s palate with these tasty superfoods.

A few small swaps and switches to your tots weekly menu is all it will take to give them a super-healthy diet. Or, if they’ll only eat a handful of foods right now, make sure it’s one of these 16 superfoods:

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1) Tomatoes

It's hard not to love tomatoes! They contain antioxidants and are a good source of vitamin C.

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