21 of the best caffeine-free and non-alcoholic drinks

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Whether you're giving that glass of pinot a miss now you're pregnant or trying to cut down on espresso coffee while you breastfeed, there are still plenty of options when choosing drinks.

How much caffeine can I drink when pregnant?

It's recommended by the NHS that you don't have more than 200mg of caffeine each day, which amounts to one cup of filter coffee, two cups of instant coffee or two mugs of tea. 
It's important to remember that caffeine is also found naturally in some soft drinks, energy drinks and cold and flu remedies, so check beforehand that you're still not getting too much. As a guideline, here's how much caffeine is in some of your favourite drinks:

  • One mug of instant coffee - 100mg

  • One mug of filter coffee - 140mg

  • One mug of tea - 75mg

  • Can of Coca Cola - 40mg

  • One 50g bar of dark chocolate - 25mg

  • One 50g bar of milk chocolate - 10mg

How much alcohol should I drink when pregnant?

When it comes to alcohol, the current guidance is that you should avoid any alcohol at all for the first three months of pregnancy. Experts are unsure on the effect of alcohol during pregnancy after this point, but the NHS recommends to be on the safe side, to avoid drinking when expecting.

What are the best caffeine and alcohol-free alternatives to try?

We've handpicked our favourite pregnancy-safe drinks here:

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