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5 reasons why every mum should try a Gousto box

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Recipe boxes, i.e boxes of pre-prepared ingredients for a set number of meals, being delivered to your door, sound like a busy mamma's dream come true, but how do you know which box will be family-friendly, hearty (yet nutritious) and purse-friendly?

Cue: Gousto boxes which are simply divine, healthy without scrimping on taste and even Body Coach Joe Wicks is a fan. 

Here are five reasons why Gousto boxes are ideal for families: 


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1) The recipes are easy to follow

There's nothing worse after a long day, fumbling around with a misleading recipe card, an overflowing pan of pasta and a sauce that just won't reach it's desired consistency. Gousto's recipes are easy to follow, systematic and have images at each stage so you can continuously check you're at the right place! All you need to worry about, is which recipe you try first!
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2) Child-friendly recipes to choose from

Gousto cleverly have a Everyday Favourites range which includes family-friendly recipes including comforting cottage pie, spag bol and fish and chips, which will be a hit with little mouths. 
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3) No food waste 

The boxes contain precise ingredients (right down to the garlic clove!) which means you’ll use absolutely everything in the box and there will be no dreaded food waste! They have also pledged to reduce the plastic packaging in their boxes by 50% by the end of 2019. 
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4) Meal planning made easy

Instead of spending your Sunday afternoons finding yummy recipes for the week, formulating a shopping list without food items going to waste (phew), Gousto do all the hard work for you. Simply select up to four recipes that take your fancy and the rest is done for you. Easy peasy. 
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5) Each meal is full of micronutrients 

Although the meals can be hearty, they are also brimming with micronutrients, ensuring the whole family is well on their way to getting 5 a day. With 100% British, top quality meat, fresh vegetables and complex carbohydrates, you can be sure you're family are getting a variety of nutritious, real food.

Check out for more information and how to order your box. 

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