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7 healthy breakfast ideas for toddlers

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breakfast ideas and food for toddlers

From cooked to cold food, introduce these breakfast ideas into your toddler’s morning menu to give them the perfect start for the day.

Ah, breakfast. Whether you’re a bircher-with-grated-apple or a more of a full-English-all-the-time kind of person, it’s one of the best meals of the day. And it can be for your growing toddler, too. Get inspired with this pick of the best morning meal ideas for them.

7 toddler breakfast ideas:

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1) Eggs

However you like them, eggs are a breakfast classic – and that goes for your toddler, too. ‘Try scrambled or hard boiled – remember to cook them through, especially for under-ones,’ says nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed. ‘One of my recommendations is scrambled egg on toast with chopped peppers and grilled tomatoes on the side. Add a glass of milk and you have a fully balanced meal.’
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2) Pancakes

Pancakes are a great breakfast idea because you can top them with lots of healthy, colourful fruit. Perhaps keep them as an occasional treat as they can be sugary or try a simple recipe of egg and banana!
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3) Full English

Yep, you can do a toddler version of this. Just add baked beans, grilled tomatoes and some sausages – perhaps not bacon right now because of the high salt content. Try veggie sausages or ‘Go for plain sausages with a high meat content,’ says Charlotte. ‘Lower quality ones have additives and “leftover meats” which are lower in vitamins and iron.’
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4) Cereal

Some cereals can be high in sugar, even those that are advertised as for kids, so be label savvy. ‘Where possible, look for around 5g sugar per 100g of product, but no more than 15g/100g,’ says Charlotte. ‘Weetabix is a great option that’s full of fibre and energy.’ Add milk to taste, or try these dairy-free ideasBEAR Alphabites are made using natural ingredients and contain no refined sugar, salt, artificial colours or flavours. They're available in two flavours: Multigrain and Cocoa Multigrain.
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5) Porridge

Another simple meal with bags of fibre and energy. ‘Go for porridge that isn’t flavoured beforehand,’ says Charlotte.‘Add a handful of dried or fresh fruit to give colour, a vitamin boost and to sweeten it without sugary honey.’
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6) Fruit

More of a breakfast addition than a meal in itself. ‘A bowl of fruit on its own may not give your toddler the energy and range of nutrients he needs,’ says Charlotte.

Instead, mash some banana onto toast or add apple and berries to cereal. Fresh, diluted fruit juice is also nice, especially if the breakfast contains egg, beans or other foods rich in iron. ‘The Vitamin C in the juice will help the iron be more readily absorbed in your toddler’s body,’ explains Charlotte.
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7) Bread

Toast with spread is quick and easy – but don’t go overboard on ones that tend to be high in sugar, such as jam and chocolate spread. ‘Go for marmite and nut butters, which contain lots of iron and protein for your child’s growth and development,’ says Charlotte. Make bread more interesting by switching up the menu to include bagels and English muffins. And get inspired with gluten-free ideas if your child's intolerant.

For a little treat, try eggy bread with marmite. It is a great source of B vitamins (aka brain food). ‘Eggy bread tends to be fried though, so this is probably best every so often and dry fried,’ says Charlotte.

MEET THE EXPERT: Charlotte Stirling-Reed is a nutrition consultant and founder of SR Nutrition

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