Ben and Jerry’s have launched BIRTHDAY CAKE flavoured ice cream!

Ben & Jerry's ice cream

by Jane McGuire |

It’s been a big year for Ben and Jerry’s news – first came the news that our favourite ice cream brand were launching a low calorie ice cream and now this. Ben & Jerry’s has announced the launch of a brand new flavour and it combines two of the best things ever – ice cream and birthday cakes!

To celebrate its 40th birthday, the brand has introduced Ben & Jerry’s ‘Birthday Cake’ in supermarkets around the UK and it looks amazing. The vanilla cake batter ice cream is mixed with pink frosting, strawberry swirls and cake pieces – YUM!

Speaking about the new product, Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Guru Catherine Goffinet said: ‘We love sharing our celebrations here at Ben & Jerry’s, so we decided to create a slice of something extra special. “Birthday Cake” is loaded with everything we love about cake; frosting, strawberry swirl, and moreish mouthfuls of sponge cake pieces too. We think it’s the perfect excuse to celebrate!’

We couldn’t agree more, now, where did we put the ice cream scoop…

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