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Halloween Ice Cream Eye Ball Dome

Section: Dessert
Halloween Ice Cream Eye Ball Dome
  • Serves: 6
  • Preparation time: 2 hours 15 minutes


Perfect for Halloween parties - this will fascinate little ones as well as tasting great!

Line a round 1 litre bowl with cling film. At the very bottom place the 1 black sweet - this will be the pupil of the eye.

Blend the berries in a mixer with the sugar.

Pour some of the berry mix and spread it around the sweet to create a 4cm wide strip all the way around - this will create the iris.

Place the bowl into the freezer to freeze the fruit in place.

Take the ice cream out of the freezer to soften.

Melt the white chocolate over a pan of boiling water, and allow to cool slightly.

Take the bowl out of the freezer and pour in the white chocolate, tilt the bowl in a rotating motion for the chocolate to coat the sides.

Cut some strawberry laces and push the edges into the chocolate to resemble blood vessels.

Put the bowl immediately into the freezer to set the chocolate.

When the chocolate is set, remove from the freezer and push half of the ice cream up the edges and pour the rest of the fruit into the middle.

Put the rest of the ice cream on the top (you may have to freeze the first ice cream and fruit layer for 15 minutes first) and seal the fruit in the ice cream.

Set the whole eye in the freezer for at least 90 minutes until serving time.

Recipe courtesy of Aldi

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