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Gluten-Free Meal Ideas For A Gluten Intolerant Toddler

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Forget worrying over what you’ll make your gluten intolerant child for breakfast, lunch and dinner – it’s not as difficult as you may think.

If you think your toddler may be intolerant to gluten then removing it from his diet is a great first step to take. But rustling up gluten-free meals for your tot can leave you wondering just what to feed him because so many foods have gluten in the, right? Not quite. There are lots of brilliant substitutes, alternatives or just completely different ingredients you can use to create delicious meals for your little one – and he won’t feel like he’s missing out on all the good stuff, either.

The first thing to do is have a good look around the supermarket aisle where the specialist foods are stocked and have a look at the options available. You can make some simple swaps – change your regular bread for Warburton’s gluten-free one and buy buckwheat flour instead of wheat flour.

Doves Farm sells a huge variety of gluten-free items including flour, cereal bars, pasta, rice, cookies and much more.

Still not convinced that it’s really that easy? We’ve asked two mums, who have toddlers with food allergies, to share the delicious (and child approved!) gluten-free meals they rustle up for their tots.

Breakfast ideas

•    If your tot’s a fan of cereal, stock up on Bakery on Main Gluten Free Apple, Raisin & Walnut Granola. It’s full of flavour and goodness.

•    For a weekend treat, make your toddler some pancakes using buckwheat rather than regular flour. Top them with fruit and yoghurt for a healthy and filling breakfast.

•    Nature's Path Gluten Free Organic Cereal Gorilla Munch is another great cereal for children with gluten intolerance. And one per cent of the brand’s annual income is donated to save gorillas.

•    Scrambled eggs on gluten-free bread is perfect for days when your toddler needs a heartier breakfast. Add some cherry tomatoes for one of his five a day.

Lunch ideas

•    Stock up on BFree gluten and wheat free wraps and fill them with all of your tot’s favourite fillings – chicken and pesto is usually a great favourite.

•    On a chilly day, make a batch of mini jacket potatoes and top them with tuna or baked beans for a quick and warming meal.

•    Beans on gluten free toast is a super quick and easy option, if you’re pressed for time.

•    Hard boiled eggs with soldiers is another brilliant option. Just make sure the bread you use is gluten-free.

Dinner ideas

•    Create your own pasta from courgettes. Grate the courgette thickly or cut it into long spaghetti-like strips and cook it with tomato sauce, onions and fresh herbs. Alternatively, Waitrose does its own gluten-free pasta.

•    Replace cous cous with quinoa, which is a plant-based protein that tastes very similar, and cook it with small chicken pieces and vegetables.

•    Make your own pizza with buckwheat flour and your toddler can help out with selecting the toppings. Or if eating out, both Pizza Express and Pizza Hut do gluten-free options in their restaurants.

•    If you need a sweet treat after dinner, try making these gluten-free cupcakes.

Can you suggest any other dairy-free meal options for little ones? Share them in the comments box below. 


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